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Types of Adhesives

Types of Adhesive: How to Choose One?

The adhesive is a general term that is used to describe a non-metallic substance that can bind two different objects together with application on the surface of one or both objects. There are different types of adhesives available in the market depending on the physical form, chemical composition, structural load-bearing capability, area of application, etc. However, one of the most important characteristics of adhesive is to bind two different surfaces together to provide uniform distribution of stress across the point of contact.

Various types of adhesive materials are available online in different forms depending upon the surface of the application and the ambient environment for adhesion. Although one of the main characteristics of adhesive is to bind objects together, the process of applying an adhesive is still dependent upon the nature of the objects. It is essential to select the right adhesive from the different types of adhesive materials to achieve a strong bind after applying adhesive on the object surfaces.

Here’s a look at different types of adhesives to consider before making use of the important characteristics of adhesive.

Liquid Types of Adhesive

An adhesive in liquid form is the most common type of adhesive that is available in the market on a wide scale. One of the important characteristics of adhesive in liquid form is that it can be applied in areas that are difficult to reach. However, the process of applying an adhesive is time-bound due to the longer curing time.

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Applying Adhesive in Paste Form

Some adhesives in paste form may need to be derived from their original powder form to create the required amount of adhesion. In its paste form, one of the important characteristics of adhesive is high viscosity which is used to fill gaps wherever required. Due to its high viscosity, the process of applying an adhesive is carried out with the help of tools that facilitate smooth and precise delivery of the adhesive.

Adhesive in paste form to fill gaps - Asian Paints


Pellets Form Adhesive

Adhesives that are available in the form of pellets mainly fall in the category of hot melt adhesives where the adhesive material needs to be heated to transform into liquid. For applying adhesive in the form of pellets, the pellets need to be inserted in a hot melt gun that will bring the pellets into a liquid form and make them suitable for the application. After melting the pellets in glue form, some important characteristics of adhesive are that it shows higher resistance to heat and solvents while also offering much more secure bond strength.


Film Types of Adhesive

Film adhesives are available in the form of rolls that can be cut into desired lengths depending on the area of application that is needed. Among different types of adhesives, film adhesives offer minimum wastage along with a clean and non-hazardous application. One of the important characteristics of adhesive in film form is that the material loss is less as compared to other adhesives as you can control the amount of film required for application. However, the film type of adhesive can be applied properly only to surfaces that are flat with simple curves.

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1) What is the strongest adhesive?

Epoxy is the strongest type of adhesive that is available in the market as epoxy resin forms the strongest bond after curing from heat application. Along with providing a strong bond that is highly impact-resistant, epoxy also displays resistance to high temperature, UV light, and solvents.

2) What adhesive dries the fastest?

Polyurethane-based adhesives have the fastest drying time compared to other types of adhesives. One of the important characteristics of adhesive in polyurethane type is that it can be used for quick repair where the adhesive dries quickly within 10-30 seconds of application depending upon the surface.

3) What is the strongest waterproof adhesive?

Marine epoxy can be considered the strongest waterproof adhesive that can be applied to a surface that may be exposed to water due to immersion. Marine epoxy provides the strongest bond after curing when applied to the surface along with the added benefit of being waterproof.

How can Asian Paints help you with choosing the adhesives?

Choose from a wide range of adhesives from the Asian Paints online store that is suitable for different types of surfaces such as stone, glass, wood, and much more. The adhesive range offered by Asian Paints is suitable for important characteristics of adhesive use such as sealing, fixing, fastening, etc. Select the appropriate adhesive for your specific need from the wide catalogue of adhesives offered by Asian Paints.


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