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Best Weather-Resistant Solutions: Introducing Waterproofing Membrane

Whether you stay in a high-humidity environment that receives rainfall all year, or moderate monsoon showers for specific durations - water leakage is a household nightmare. Water damage is capable of causing intense damage to your home’s infrastructure, such as wet wooden furniture, cracking & peeling wall paints, cracked walls, and eventually mold formation and vermin infestation. But with constantly evolving waterproofing solutions emerging in the market, you can breathe a sigh of relief! And today, all commercial, industrial and residential properties are choosing this one guaranteed water-resistant solution - Waterproofing membranes!

A weather-resistant, water-tight solution that offers foolproof protection from water seepage, an exterior waterproofing membrane is the most preferred solution by people today.

Let’s understand what is waterproofing membrane & how it secures your home environment!

What is a waterproofing membrane?  

A waterproofing membrane is a water-tight layer of resistant material laid onto the external surfaces of your home. This effectively prevents water seepage into your walls and keeps your house moisture free.


The process of usually involves either applying liquid before laying the waterproofing membrane sheet or simply applying the pre-formed sheet onto the surface. These waterproofing sheets are installed your home’s foundations to control water seepage at the base level. Depending on the area you’re applying the waterproofing membrane sheet, for example, the basement or roof, it acts effectively by blocking water from infiltrating into your walls and thus shielding your home against leakages & further damage. 


The key factor to bear in mind - The best moisture-proof solution is offered by a high quality, durable waterproofing membrane that is capable of withstanding domestic and industrial chemicals, building movement, and climatic withering.


Now that you know what is a waterproofing membrane, let’s understand why it is one of the most essential waterproofing solutions. 


Why is waterproofing membrane important?

While several modern constructions are offered with waterproofed exteriors, many older building constructions have not only withered over the years but also no prior waterproofing. Accounting for up to 70-80% of building defects & maintenance issues, waterproofing must be taken seriously. Whether your builder is offering you a completely waterproofed flat or not, it is important to protect your property from water-related issues to ensure a safe, secure & healthy home environment. And being one of the most reliable & foolproof water-resistant solutions, applying an exterior waterproofing membrane is crucial to your home’s structural integrity!


Here’s a look at some of the incredible benefits of opting for a basement or roof waterproofing membrane:- 

1. Leak protection

As stated, a waterproofing membrane seals away any dampness, moisture, or water from seeping into your home’s walls. This ensures that your home’s infrastructure, basic foundation, and interior furniture remain secured from water or moisture damage.

2. Adds integrity to the building structure 

Over time, any building is subject to corrosion, deterioration, and witering to some extent. Simply applying a weatherproofing membrane sheet can control the extent of damage & strengthen your building structure by preventing formation of rust, rotting, or corrosion to your property.                                                                                                        

3. Mould protection 

Consistent water leakage, when overlooked, can result in mold formation. These harmful spores thrive in damp corners of your home, especially where the leakage is noticed. Over the years, the presence of mold can compromise your immune system, and cause respiratory problems and other health issues. A waterproofing membrane controls this formation at its root!

4. Creates a healthy environment 

A damp & wet home exterior or interior can lead to an infected environment. Waterproofing can help you maintain safe & clean ceilings and walls that are free of fungus, bacterial, or mold infestations to avoid allergies or further diseases.

5. Reduces maintenance 

Extensive maintenance fixes and repairs, like fixing water damage & replacement of furniture, can cost you a fortune. But prevention is always better than cure. Installing a waterproofing membrane can avoid those eventual extra damages & go easier on your pocket!


Let’s discuss the varieties available in the market, including basement and roof waterproofing membrane materials, including PVC, self-adhesive modified bituminous, etc.

What are the types of waterproofing membranes?

Here are some of the most commonly used waterproofing membrane materials:-

1. Self-adhesive modified bituminous membrane 

Offering easier & quicker application, Self adhesive waterproofing membrane is a widely chosen option made with high-performance SBS polymers. Thanks to its self-healing properties, a Self adhesive waterproofing membrane ensures water resistance for your home for prolonged periods

2. Polymer-modified bitumen membrane 

Known as the most modified vapor & water barrier, Polymer-modified bitumen membrane is a top quality & reliable waterproofing membrane used to shield flat roofs, foundations, basements, etc., as it is a durable & cost-efficient option.

3. PVC waterproofing membrane 

Widely used in commercial and residential waterproofing, the PVC waterproofing membrane is a preferred option for coating roofs, foundations, tunnels, etc., as it offers great insulation to keep your home cooler from extremely hot weather conditions.

How to use a waterproofing membrane?

While most people know about how effectively a waterproofing membrane can secure your home, they remain confused about the areas they can install this superior waterproofing solution.

Here are the various surfaces on which the waterproofing membrane can be applied:-

1. Tank / basements 

Tanks hold large sums of water for long durations & basements are prone to leakages from upper house surfaces. Most people opt to safeguard their tanks & basements with Polymer-modified cementitious coatings as waterproofing membranes.

2. Roofs 

A pre-prepared roof waterproofing membrane sheet is one of the best water-resistant solutions to secure flat or Green roofs from extreme monsoon conditions like rainfall, storms, etc. PVC waterproofing membrane is the most commonly used to shield roofs thanks to its quality insulation feature.

3. Retaining walls

The most commonly used solution for moisture-proofing retaining walls is Liquid waterproofing membranes. Ensuring quick application, this flexible & cost-effective liquid waterproofing membrane helps secure the structural movement and bridges wall cracks.

4. Bathroom & Swimming Pool

High moisture content & dampness can be noticed in home areas like a bathroom or kitchen, possibly a swimming pool too. In such a case, you may notice discoloration on walls behind tiles or cracking of the tiles, which indicates water damage. Opting for Triple layered PP-PE-PP (Polypropylene–Polyethylene–Polypropylene) membrane, like the SmartCare Bathroom Waterproofing Membrane , can rectify damp patches & leakages in bathroom walls, floors, or swimming pool areas.


How can Asian Paints help you with waterproofing solutions for your home?


At Asian Paints, we prioritise your home’s safety to ensure you’re always thriving in a warm, secure environment. Owing to this, we’re offering excellent waterproofing solutions, including our durable & superior technology-based SmartCare Bathroom Waterproofing Membrane! With brilliant adhesion for improved hold & resistance, our Triple layered PP-PE-PP (Polypropylene–Polyethylene–Polypropylene) waterproofing membrane can be applied beneath your bathroom or swimming pool tiles for top-quality water resistance! Having a high tear strength, our SmartCare waterproofing membrane is offered with a 10-year warranty & and at the most reasonable price for ensuring your family’s and home’s health is never compromised!


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