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What Is A Waterproofing Tape And Why You Should Use It?

All You Need to Know About Waterproofing Tapes

Waterproofing tapes, also known as water-resistant tape, adhere tightly to the applied surface helping to make the building waterproof. This super waterproof tape creates a complete waterproofing system by being applied in areas such as joints, as well as places like doors, and windows, from where the water and humidity can enter the buildings.

Waterproof sealing tape is typically bitumen or butyl based, is cold applied, and is one-sided coated with aluminum foil or colored mineral, and another side with an adhesive. The protective corner is removed and applied to the surface, to provide instant protection. 

So if you wish to give your home that extra layer of water resistance, and protection, we have got you a complete guide to this hero product - waterproofing tapes. We have covered aspects like what is self adhesive waterproof tape, what features make the best waterproof tape, and more. So let us get to know more about waterproof sealing tape!

What is a Water Resistant Tape?

Waterproofing is of great importance in making buildings water-resistant and increasing the structural integrity of houses. In the absence of good waterproofing solutions, the water seeps through the toughest structures of the building and causes rot, and corrosion to occur.

Strong waterproof tape is one of the most commonly used waterproofing materials that help to increase the structural strength of the buildings

Waterproofing tapes adhere tightly to the applied surface and prevent water from entering the buildings from these surfaces. There are various types of self adhesive waterproof tape, such as -  waterproof tape for roof, waterproof tape for pipes, aluminum waterproof tape, waterproof rubber tape, and more!

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What Is The Super Waterproof Tape Used For?

The main purpose of waterproofing tapes is to protect the building against water seepage by creating a barrier between the building and the water.  They can also be used in roof systems such as waterproof tape for leaks to prevent leakage caused by rainfall. Waterproofing tapes can be used in places such as bathrooms, kitchens, and terraces, where waterproofing is critical. 

Moreover, the waterproof insulation tape offers practical use in sealing moving joints, pipe transitions, and repairs cracks in pools, where waterproofing is important.

Advantages of Using Waterproof Adhesive Tape

The waterproofing tape stands out in terms of its advantages, as it offers a practical, need-based, and long-lasting solution to water seepage issues. And the following are some of the advantages - 


  1. Waterproofing tapes are extremely good in terms of preventing the influx of water, 

  2. Waterproofing tapes are extremely easy use.

  3. High-quality waterproofing tape types offer excellent results on any surface, including curved surfaces thanks to the flexible structure of the waterproof duct tape.

  4. A self-adhesive waterproofing tape also provides UV resistance. 

What Makes A Strong Waterproof Tape

So how do you choose the best waterproofing tapes? Well here are just some of the key features to look out for - 


1. Adhesiveness -

Choose a waterproof tape based on the strength and effectiveness of its adhesive. Usually waterproof tapes tend to last for about five years before their adhesive starts to break down. So you will want to go for a tape that will meet your adhesive requirements.

2. Flexibility -

It is also crucial to choose a waterproof tape that adheres to a wide variety of surfaces, such as glass, metal, plastic, and wood. And both butyl and silicone rubber are great outdoor waterproof tapes that work amazing for sealing up a leak in the roof.

3. Durability -

Always pick up the heavy-duty waterproof tape with a reliable warranty. While working on outdoor projects you want to be sure that you can ensure a lifetime warranty on your investment by reinforcing it with strong adhesive tape.

Pro tip :- Asian Paints SmartCare Roof Tapes is Intended for waterproofing all ‘L’ shaped construction joints in buildings and residential areas. It is made of advanced rubber with durable elasticity, viscosity, and weather resistance.

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