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House Painting: When is the Best Time to Paint House Interior & Exteriors

Every house needs a good quality paint job on the exterior and interior parts of the house that will last for longer periods. Whether you are doing a paint job for a brand new house or remodelling the interiors of an already existing paint job, it is necessary to ensure quality paintwork. The quality of exterior home painting and home interior painting can depend upon different factors that need to be considered.

One such factor is to know the best time to paint house interiors and exteriors during different seasons of the year. Weather can play a major role in deciding the quality of paintwork, especially during exterior home painting. Therefore, it is necessary to know about the best weather to paint outside and inside of your home to get the ideal paint job results.

The weather conditions during the time of paint house exterior and paint house interior application can affect the quality of paint on the walls. The type of weather can affect various factors such as the drying time of the paint, the ability of the paint to adhere properly to the walls, how long the paint lasts, and much more. Due to this, it is important to know the best time to paint the house exterior and interior parts depending upon the weather.

Let’s take a look at the best weather to paint outside and inside parts of your house by considering different effects.

Painting During the Summer Season


The summer season is an ideal time of the year to start the paint house exterior process. During the month of the summer season, the humidity in the air is minimum due to which the paint dries correctly as per the required time. When the paint coat is allowed to dry at the required temperature, the paint coat will adhere to the wall properly and last for longer periods.

However, it is important to take care that the painting process doesn’t occur in direct sunlight. It is better to paint the exterior walls away from direct sunlight to avoid cracks and peeling of the paint layer from too much dryness. If all these factors are considered, then the summer season can be the best time to paint the house exterior.

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Painting During the Monsoon Season


Painting of exterior walls should be avoided during the monsoon season since the humidity and moisture content in the air can affect the quality of paint drastically. A layer of paint during active rainfall can experience discolouration and uneven patches as the moisture seeps into the layer of paint. However, home interior painting can be carried out during monsoon by selecting a day without rainfall. You can always consult the weather forecast to decide on a day for painting without any active rainfall.

Painting During the Monsoon Season


Painting During Winter Season


The winter season in India is the best time to paint your walls since it presents favourable conditions to achieve a desirable paint job. The Winter season provides ideal temperature and humidity for interior painting as well as exterior painting. The temperature during winter falls to an ideal temperature range which is required to achieve a near-perfect paint job. The humidity level is low and the moisture content in the air is minimum to get a good quality job on paint house interior and exterior work.


Painting During Winter Season

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What Is The Best Time To Paint Your House Interior & Exterior?

17 JAN 2023

What Is The Best Time To Paint Your House Interior & Exterior?