White Adhesives: Why should you use White Adhesives for White Floor & Walls?


Why Consider White Adhesives For Any Kind Of White Floors & Walls


There are many ways to make a home bright and colourful. But if simple and understated is your style, then white or translucent marble or tile work should be the decor of your choice. 

Below are a few reasons why white decor is increasingly becoming popular amongst homeowners. 

Makes rooms appear bigger


Having an all-white decor gives the illusion of space. White or translucent stone, marble, or tile with huge mirror accents can especially achieve this illusion and make tiny, crammed rooms and hallways appear open and bigger. Get some amazing ideas on hallway colours at our inspiration gallery.


White Marble in Dark Wooden Elevator Hall - Asian Paints

Brightens up a space

3D Rendering living White Wood Living Room - Asian Paints

White colour and translucent colours are very good at reflecting light, which in turn can induce a feeling of positivity around the space. White interiors with tile or marble work inherently have smooth surfaces that are reflective in nature, and they allow easy passage of light, thereby brightening up the room. 

Never goes out of style

Elegant White Sink Standing On Shelf - Asian Paints

If there is one colour that never goes out of fashion, it is white. It is the colour of all seasons, all year round. It is also very sustainable in the long run. If you want to make an everlasting statement with your interiors, white marble inlays or translucent tiles are the answer.

Smooth-flowing finish


Exclusive White room Living Room Marble Floor - Asian Paints

White tiles or marble give a seamless finish to a space. They give the illusion of the entire area being cast out of a single piece of stone. It in turn can convert the space to look like it has a mirror-like finish. 

Asian Paints SmartCare Ezy White Tile Adhesive


With so many advantages of decorating with white interiors, there is also the need for adhesives that match these properties. Traditional tile adhesives do not have a clear white setting after its application. They are prone to bring down the colour of the white marble or tile by a shade or two. In order to retain the pearly white setting of your interiors, you need an adhesive with high bonding strength and a superior finish, and the Asian Paints SmartCare Ezy White Tile Adhesive is just the right adhesive for the job. 


Benefits of Asian Paints SmartCare Ezy White Tile Adhesive


  1. It is a single component white cement-based tile adhesive

  2. It is a ready-to-use product that is easy to apply

  3. It is a polymer modified adhesive which gives it high bonding properties

  4. It has high adhesion properties too and provides good slip resistance

  5. Low absorption and good waterproofing characteristics

  6. Surfaces are ready to use 24 hours post application

  7. High product coverage of surfaces

  8. Works with ceramic, porcelain, and vitrified tiles on horizontal (floor) and vertical (wall) surfaces. and can also be used for setting natural stone, marble, and granite on horizontal surfaces 

Give your home a royal white look! 


Let your elegant taste in white decor make heads turn this season. To know more about our white tile adhesives, get in touch with an Asian Paints expert. 


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