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The Need for Investing in Concrete Waterproofing Solutions

Water seepage, leakage, and dampness are observed as common occurrences in most households today. This is because waterproofing solutions are not given as much importance during the construction process. However, what may appear as a tiny drip of water, can lead to major structural damage if it is not addressed immediately. Moreover, waterproofing solutions become even more important if the building is constructed in low-lying areas like rivers, lakes, etc where the water table levels are high. And a very common question that crosses the mind of homeowners is whether it is necessary to waterproof the house, even when you are going for high-grade concrete. The answer to this is 100% yes!

Concrete is a common building material, and it is porous in nature. This means that water can pass through concrete by hydrostatic pressure, water vapor gradient, or capillary action. Water can even seep through cracks or structural defects. Hence, investing in concrete waterproofing solutions can prolong the life and durability of structures.

If you are not yet convinced as to why opting for concrete waterproofing solutions is an ideal choice while constructing your dream home, we have compiled this article highlighting the importance of doing so!  So keep reading further

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Understanding the Importance of Concrete Waterproofing Solutions

As mentioned earlier concrete is a porous building material. And waterproofing is required for below-grade concrete surfaces for several reasons. The primary reason for this is to keep moisture from intruding into the facility. It is also required to protect the structural contents from water infiltration that can cause major damage to the concrete or corrosion to the embedded steel. So let us explore the various reasons which make concrete waterproofing an essential part of the construction process 


Concrete is Susceptible to Chemical

Concrete is susceptible to chemicals due to three of its primary composition characteristics being - permeability, reactivity, and alkalinity. Thus making it important to use waterproofing chemical for concrete mixture. Even the best-grade concrete has some degree of permeability, which increases rapidly with a rising water-cement ratio, and with decreasing moisture-curing time. However, damage from water or salt solutions can be minimized by an adequate amount of intentionally trapped air in the concrete. This air will allow high-grade concrete to produce air bubbles of the right size, spacing, and distribution, thereby preventing water seepage. Hence is it important to use waterproofing chemical for concrete.


Concrete can Crack Before or After Hardening

Waterproofing is required for concrete structures to keep the moisture content out of the facility and ensure structural integrity. However, concrete can crack before or after hardening, and all those cracks could turn into openings that can be vulnerable to moisture infiltration. Typically prior to hardening concrete can crack from construction movement, or drying shrinkage. 

Pro Concrete Waterproofing Tip - Asian Paint’s SmartCare Vitalia Neo is a waterproofing compound for concrete that has superior plasticizing properties, which helps to strengthen the concrete mixture, thus reducing water permeability and resisting crack formation. Shop for the best waterproofing compound for concrete from Asian Paint’s website online!


Addressing Concrete Surface Defects

An important factor that affects the performance of the waterproofing system is the quality of the concrete surface. Moreover, good adhesion between the concrete surface, and the waterproofing membrane is essential to prevent water leakage if there is any, and this can be obtained by addressing concrete surface defects at the time of laying the structure. Specific issues that must be addressed include concrete repair after form removal and repair of any surface defects that occur during construction. 


Concrete Surface Preparation

A vital step towards achieving adequate bond strength is to pay careful attention to the preparation of the concrete surface that is to receive the waterproofing materials. This is because proper waterproofing performance depends on good surface preparation. The concrete surface must not be contaminated by chemicals that can have adverse effects on the adhesion properties of the waterproofing materials to the concrete surface. The surface must be smooth, and free from joints and cracks to ensure full-proof waterproofing.

Pro concrete waterproofing tip - If you are looking for preparing the base for concrete roof waterproofing, or wondering how to waterproof concrete wall, we have got you Asian Paint’s SmartCare Repair Polymer. An SBR-based, and preventive waterproofing liquid for concrete that works as a repairing and bonding agent to minimize shrinkage, increase the bonding of mortar, and increase the flexibility of cement. Shop for the best waterproofing liquid for concrete from the Asian Paints website!

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How Can Asian Paints Help You with Waterproofing for Concrete?

Now that we have looked at some of the key reasons why it is important to invest in concrete waterproofing, it is time for you to make an informed decision! However, investing in the right concrete waterproofing solutions can be daunting. Hence Asian Paints experts are here to guide you through the process.

All you got to do is book an appointment with our waterproofing experts, who will not only clear your doubts but also recommend the best-suited concrete waterproofing solutions through our SmartCare range of products! 



1. How to waterproof concrete walls?

The most important part of concrete wall waterproofing is to ensure that the surface is smooth and free from any cracks, and joints. This is because cracks and joints become a vulnerable entry point for moisture. And the best way to ensure a waterproof concrete wall is by choosing Asian Paints SmartCare Vitalia Neo, a waterproofing compound for concrete that helps to strengthen the concrete mixture, thus reducing water permeability and resisting crack formation


2. What are some concrete roof waterproofing methods?

One of the best concrete roof waterproofing methods is to use a waterproofing membrane which is the key to keeping water out of the building. There are a variety of roof membrane systems, but it is important to understand the differences in order to choose the right system for your construction needs.


3. What are the products for concrete wall waterproofing?

Some of the products for concrete wall waterproofing from Asian Paint’s SmartCare range include - Vitali Neo, Damp Sheath Exterior, Damp Proof, Crack Seal, etc., all available at our online store!


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