Protecting Your Home with Waterproofing Solutions is a Must: Here’s Why, and How You Can Do it!

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Protecting Your Home with Waterproofing Solutions is a Must: Here’s Why, and How You Can Do it!  

Imagine putting in your sweat, and money to build the home of your dreams, only for it to wither away! Sounds like a nightmare already right? Well, this can turn into a reality, if you do not take the advice of waterproofing your home seriously. No matter, if your home’s foundation is built using the best quality cement, and materials, it is most likely to develop cracks, and leaks due to wear and tear, and changing weather conditions.

Moreover, if your home is built in a place with high humidity levels, or where it rains for months, chances of leakage and seepage of water are at their peak. And what may initially seem like a tiny drip of water, can later cause major structural damages, besides ruining the cosmetic appearance of your house. Thus, house waterproofing is going to be the ultimate solution to keep your home toasty and dry, all year round. There are many ways to waterproof homes, such as using waterproof paints, or water proofing solutions by Asian Paints. 

But before getting you all the details about how to waterproof your home, let us provide you with enough reasons why you need waterproofing solutions. Thus, this article serves as your ultimate guide to knowing what is waterproofing, and how can you do it! Let’s get started.

What is Waterproofing?

Moisture inside your house can have devastating results - posing health risks from harmful molds, to major structural damages which can put your and your family’s life at risk. Hence house water proofing comes as the best solution for preventing water seepage by adding a preventive layer. House waterproofing technically begins during the construction stage. From foundation waterproofing to roof waterproofing, you can go all in, to ensure the


5 Benefits of Water Proofing your Home

Before investing in waterproofing solutions you must be thoroughly convinced of the many benefits that it has to offer. Besides safeguarding the structural integrity of your house, the following are the reasons why house waterproofing is your home’s knight in shining armor - 


1) Helps you Save on Insurance Claims

A good chunk of your house insurance claims is related to water damage of some kind. But these claims are quite expensive. Moreover, water damage can result from a tiny trickle, and not necessarily from a major natural calamity. It just needs a few drops of water, to result in extensive structural damage. So, rather an investment in the right roof, basement, and whole foundation waterproofing solutions can save you money in the long run!


2) Mitigates Risk of Floods

A small leak can result in flooding your home, but waterproofing will change the way water interacts with your home for good! For instance, sealing the foundation cracks, diverting the groundwater through a french drain, or using exterior sealants can help mitigate the risks of floods.


3) Reduces the Cost of Electricity Bills

You did not see this coming, didn’t you? But waterproofing can surely be your pocket’s best friend for it reduces the cost of electricity bills. Basement leaks can increase the humidity in the indoor air, which can put a strain on your air conditioner use, and increase your electricity bills by 10-15%. But incorporating waterproofing solutions is sure to lower your overall heating and cooling costs.


4) Prevents Health Risk Due to Molds

Molds are water’s best friend! It begins to grow within 24-48 hours of water entering your home. Thus having an untreated damp area can be a breeding ground for harmful mold which can cause serious health issues such as respiratory infections, asthma, and breathing problems. Hence waterproofing your home can help create a healthier environment, and safeguard your family’s health from these harmful molds.


5) Protects your Basement Floors

A basement floor is a thin layer of concrete that does not have a structured role in your home’s foundation. It is at a greater risk of becoming compromised due to the hydrostatic pressure, causing it to crack and allowing water to seep in. But sealing your basement with waterproofing solutions can be the ideal solution to safeguarding it.


Asian Paints Waterproofing Solutions

Here are a bunch of specially designed, waterproofing solutions, from Asian Paints, which can help to keep your house leak-free -


1. Damp Proof for terrace waterproofing

This is the ultimate waterproofing solution for terraces and exterior walls. It is a glass fiber-reinforced elastomeric liquid that forms a thick, seamless, durable waterproofing membrane when applied.


Why Invest in it?

  1. 8 years waterproofing warranty

  2. Reduces surface heat

  3. Provides unmatched crack bridging

  4. Superior abrasion resistance


2. Damp Sheath Exterior

Looking for an ideal waterproofing solution for exterior horizontal surfaces? Asian Paints Damp Sheath Exterior is your ultimate choice. It is the best-in-class solution for waterproofing exterior horizontal surfaces like terraces, and parapets. 


Why Invest in it?

  1. 3 years waterproofing warranty

  2. Superior crack bridging ability

  3. Best-in-class flexibility


3. SmartCare Hydroloc

This is the ultimate interior waterproofing solution for your home! Asian Paints SmartCare Hydroloc offers an assured solution to interior waterproofing issues such as dampness and efflorescence.


Why Invest in it?  

  1. 3 years waterproofing warranty

  2. Ease of application

  3. Anti-dampness

  4. Anti-efflorescene


4. SmartCare Damp Block 2K

This is a two-component, high-performance coating that provides unmatched waterproofing solutions for interior walls, and bathroom. It easily tackles problems like efflorescence.


Why Invest in it?

  1. 3 years waterproofing warranty

  2. Food grade certified

  3. Anti-efflorescence 

  4. Offers 100% elongation

SmartCare Damp Block 2K for Basement Waterproofing - Asian Paints

Asian Paints - The Smart Choice for Waterproofing Your Dream Home!  

Your waterproof solution provider must be the ultimate savior of your home, protecting it from major structural damages while safeguarding its aesthetic appearance. Hence, choosing the right provider of waterproofing services is very crucial. Given the money you invest in waterproofing solutions, the products must be able to meet quality standards and provide long-lasting effects. 

And at Asian Paints, we honor the trust you place in us, by providing effective solutions through our range of SmartCare waterproofing products! Our idea of perfection, coupled with the best-in-class waterproofing solutions, makes for a valuable investment for safeguarding the longevity of your dream home!

So what are you waiting for? Book your appointment with Asian Paints waterproof experts today!

So what are you waiting for? Book your appointment with our experts today!


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