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Wall texture designs for bedroom

Though colour is often the first thing we turn to when a home is feeling lacklustre or flat, adding a texture is equally important for brightening up a room. Yes, introducing texture to a space has the added bonus of giving depth and dimension. Wall texture designs for bedrooms have the power to exude whatever aura you want to set and define your style. You can choose modern, chic, child-friendly, or royal texture paint designs. Such textures can even be made by manipulating the putty or using tools to create patterns and distinctions on the painted surface.

Latest wall texture ideas for bedroom

With various texture designs for bedrooms available in the market, there’s something for everyone. Here are a few examples: 1. Wooden panel bedroom wall texture: They give bedrooms an alluring appeal texture and depth. You can pick between an array of finely moulded wooden wall panel designs to pick from these days. 2. Abstract art texture design: It can easily elevate your space. You don’t even have to buy the real thing. The right abstract wall texture will easily add life your room. 3. Stone bedroom wall texture: Let’s face it: Stone never goes out of fashion, especially if the colour and design complement the style of your home. Adding a stone wall texture not only makes a design statement but also increases your home's value.

What are the different types of wall texture designs for bedroom?

The best wall texture designs for bedrooms are: 1. Tactile texture design: These are the ones you can feel with your hands. Yes, you can easily tell the difference between its smoothness and roughness just by touching it. For instance, popcorn texture. 2. Visual texture design: Texture that creates a visual illusion of being three-dimensional but in reality, it is two-dimensional. For instance, wallpapers, optical illusion paint designs 3. Artificial texture: Artificial texture is the one that is created by painting professionals or interior designers. For instance, matte effect, eggshell finish, and paper mache 4. Natural texture: As the name suggests, it takes on a natural texture without being modified. For instance, artistic wall designs with a marble finish, a stone finish, or dried leaves.

Why choose Asian Paints for your bedroom modern texture paint designs?

Asian Paints is a company that provides high-quality bedroom wall texture design and other benefits like: 1. Offers multiple products Asian Paints manufactures a wide range of paints for decorative and industrial use. It also provides wall coverings, waterproofing, adhesives and services, and bath and kitchen products under its portfolio. 2. Uses professional tools to get the job done Let’s face it: Every craft is incomplete without the right set of tools. So, they have professional house painters who use the correct tools. Hence, don’t worry about this as they are qualified and have complete knowledge of their craft. 3. Provides colour consultation The experts at Asian Paints know that colours have a direct impact on the whole ambience of your space. Thus, they suggest you surround yourself with certain hues that have a huge effect on your mood.

What are the best ideas to add texture to interior walls?

If you are looking for innovative ways to improve the ambience and feel of your home, you can use many different textures to get a unique look in your home. Add bedroom wall design texture through plaster, wallcoverings, paint, wood, and tiles.  

What is used to put texture on walls?

Texture paint is thicker, so you have to mould it with special tools. There are a variety of tools like combs, putty knives, and sponges that help to smoothen and create a different texture on the wall paint. 

How to decorate your home with royale play texture design?

The royal play texture designs for the bedroom combine the elegant shimmer of a metallic finish provided by the glazing technique. So, see to it that you add different accents by choosing complementary colours with the help of a royale texture design for the bedroom. 

What is the advantage of a neutral texture wall design for the bedroom?

It is low maintenance, easy to repair, and does not need any extra creativity.  It is also great to create different visual effects, and play with focal points, depth, saturation, and highlights to enhance a bedroom design.

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