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Wallpaper designs for bedroom

Your bedroom is your haven; it's where you come to unwind and rejuvenate each day, so it should represent your style and personality.

One of the best ways to make sure your personality is quite literally displayed proudly on the wall is by adding wallpapers. Not only does it make your bedroom distinctive, but also has the wonderful ability—depending on your decorating skills—to make your room feel snug or spacious.

From bold and modern to traditional and neutral, wallpapers are literally the key to always adding endless texture, style, and depth to your space.

Latest Wallpaper Ideas for Bedroom

Wallpaper can be a lot of things, but it is no secret that it packs a punch in your bedroom.

From stylish mix-and-match patterns, accent wallpapers in alcoves and recesses, or full-on wallpaper wall-to-wall and even extending onto the ceiling, they are the safest bet to add character to your room.

Whether your bedroom ideas are focused on creating a peaceful sanctuary, a modern room, an elegant traditional effect, or a cosy retreat, wallpapers are a fabulous addition to the bedroom room design.

1. Modern Bedroom Wallpaper Designs

Pick modern bedroom wallpaper designs with a bold pattern. It is perfect for livening up your child's bedroom or adding a cool and contemporary background to your room.

2. Romantic Bedroom Wallpaper Designs

Floral wallpapers are the perfect romantic wallpaper for bedroom walls to add a touch of beauty. With the right one, you can create gorgeous sanctuaries within your house and envelope the serenity of that selected pattern.

3. 3D Bedroom Wallpaper for Walls

The classic 3d wallpaper for bedroom wall designs is the one that looks like an aquarium. These wallpaper patterns and designs help create the impression of depth and space and add a modern touch to the interior design of your house.

4. Simple Bedroom Wallpaper Design

Brighten up your minimalistic bedroom with a statement wallpaper. Choose the one that complements the colour story you are trying to tell. But ensure that it doesn’t camouflage into the background.

5. Luxury Bedroom Wallpaper Design

Neutral and minimalistic wallpapers are the best bets for luxurious bedroom designs. They make the perfect backdrop colour for any room in your house. Plus, they look inviting and calming and easily lend themselves to a variety of home décor styles.

What is the best suited wallpaper for the bedroom?

1. Diffused patterns: Abstract or diffused wallpaper patterns can positively impact the outlook of your bedroom. It adds a sense of compactness that can bring an element of spaciousness to your room.

2. Lighter colours with subtle patterns: Lighter colours tend to carry a different mellow charm. When combined with subtle patterns, the warmth of your bedroom certainly increases, especially if it gets enough daylight.

3. Mix and match patterns

Different wallpapers affect your bedroom walls in different ways. For instance, mix-and-match ones tend to depend on the scenery's aesthetics.

Why choose Asian Paints for your bedroom wallpaper designs & installation?

Asian Paints is a company that provides high-quality bedroom wallpaper design and other benefits like:

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Asian Paints provides a wide range of paints for decorative and industrial use. It also provides wall coverings, waterproofing, adhesives and services, and bath and kitchen products under its portfolio.

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3. Provides colour consultation

The experts at Asian Paints know that colours have a direct impact on the whole ambience of your space. Thus, they suggest you surround yourself with certain hues that have a huge effect on your mood.

Which type of wallpaper is best for bedroom?

Black and white is the best and most classic theme for every bedroom. Whether you want your room to feel like a work of art, or give the space a powerful formality, this kind of wallpaper is a perfect choice.

How do I choose wallpaper for my bedroom?

First, analyse the colours and tones of the furniture, light fixtures, floors, and rugs. Then, think about the function of the room that will feature wallpaper. Lastly, know how often you will be using the room when choosing wallpaper design for the bedroom.

Should I wallpaper all walls in bedroom?

Ensure to cover all walls if you are looking for a striking colour or pattern in a compact area. If you pick a colour and pattern with a lower contrast to the painted wall colour, the visual transition will be smoother.

Which wall should be the accent wall wallpaper?

Usually, an accent wall is the one that you see on walking into a room. It should look like the “WOW” moment when you walk into the room, so it's a good idea to have that as it is the first thing you see the minute you step inside.