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Exterior wall design ideas

It is a dream to design your home with perfection but it also seems daunting to most of us. It takes a lot of planning and consideration to analyse your home’s curb appeal, weather, neighbourhood, greenery, and sunlight. This is simply because we all want a lasting impression of our homes.

Whether you’re planning to build a new house or trying to renovate the existing one, ensure that it is both practical and beautiful. A well-thought house front wall design will always receive your neighbour’s praise, and your designer’s validation and more importantly, it will become your pride.

Let’s discover the wall colours and textures that encapsulate modern exterior wall design ideas.


1.  Wall colours for outside wall design

Ditch the boring off-whites and classic monotones. Experiment with exterior wall paint design ideas like grey-blue combinations, colour blocking with brick textures, pink-red vibrant colour schemes, and earthen brown and green combinations. Additionally, peach and white with wooden roofs are one of the most common house front wall designs of today.

2. Wall Textures for Home Exterior Paint Design

Brick walls, fabric textures, stone walls - who said wall textures are only meant for interiors? Embrace modern exterior wall design ideas like exposed brick texture, marble texture, grasscloth texture, and textured paints. Multi-texture walls are the most common exterior wall design ideas. You can also go beyond paints and select any texture of your choice.

FAQs on Outdoor Wall Ideas


How do you design a house exterior?

Start by analysing the exteriors, choosing the colour palette, and looking for textures that match the decor theme and surroundings. If you’re still unable to identify what's best for your house, consult designers to get amazing exterior wall design ideas during the conceptual phase. The benefit of hiring one early on in your project is that the process will be seamlessly handled from inception to output. 

What is the best type of exterior wall?

In terms of strength, durability, and functionality, gypsum is the best material for exterior walls and is also very versatile for outdoor wall design ideas. It can be used to create your choice of texture with your choice of paints while being durable and strong. It can be clubbed with brickwork for strong cladding as well.

How do you decorate an outside wall?

There are many easy and affordable ways to decorate your home out side wall designs. You can start by creating unique colour combinations, using vibrant colours to make a statement,  mixing textures and paints, trying out 3D spray paints, and playing around with modern texture painting while hand-picking references closest to what you’ve visualised.

How can Asian Paints help you with your home exterior paint design?

Asian Paints can help you decide on your home outside wall design by introducing you to a wide array of texture paints, wall colours, wall finishes, wall stickers, and decals that will help you construct your dream vision. They will also provide weather-resistant paints and finishes to help you protect your exteriors, in case you live under harsh weather conditions. 

What are the latest exterior wall paint colour combinations?

Homeowners need to choose the latest colour combinations for house exteriors to stay in vogue! It is like staying in touch with the latest fashion trends and designs. While classics like blue and white or yellow and cream are evergreen choices, shades like red and cream or muted greige and white have been gaining popularity recently. However, the best choice is the three-coloured wall paint combination that blends in with modern architectural designs.

Let’s look at our panel’s latest and trending choices for exterior paint combinations.

1. Navy Blue and White House Painting Colour Combination

Classy, elegant, and inspiring; this house painting colour combination will steal everyone's attention. The simplicity of navy blue will add character to your house, while the colour white will balance out the striking appearance of the blue colour. It’s safe to say it is the perfect blend of traditional and modern. Hence, it is the best-suited colour combination for every Indian house.

2. Red and Cream Colour Combination For House Exterior

One of the best colour combinations for house exterior, red and cream is strikingly bold and elegant in its demeanour. The colour red can bring in a sense of boldness when used on sidings, roofs, and windows whereas cream can balance the power of red as it acts as a sophisticated base, making the house look stylish and simple.

3. Grey and White Exterior Paint Combination

Who said neutrals can't steal attention? Grey and white exterior paint combinations are the most suited and preferred combination for modern villa constructions and homes due to their ability to accentuate the look.The advantage of these exterior house colours is that they can blend well with greenery. Adding a tinge of wooden texture or orange splash to doors, roofs, or sidings can elevate the elegance of this combination.

4. Yellow and Cream House Painting Colour Combination

This is perhaps one of the most traditional outside house painting colour combinations of today. The yellow and cream exterior house colour combination looks vibrant, traditional, and can inhabit modern architecture. You can experiment with different hues of yellow and cream to dim the vibrancy and increase the subtlety of this home colour outside.

5. Red and Grey Exterior Wall Paint Colour Combination

Now, this is the kind of trendy combination you want to see as your exterior paint colour. The colour red adds warmth to the house, while grey maintains its minimalism to balance out the character of your modern architecture. Red exposed brick walls are a common choice for many Indian homes.  Some homeowners opt for the actual brick wall texture, while some homeowners go for texture paint designs to replicate it. Either way, this is the best colour combination for home exteriors when you wish to add elegance to your home design.

Which colour combination is best for exterior walls?

The best colour combination for a house wall design outside is grey and white or grey and navy blue. These colours create the perfect balance of style and simplicity for Indian homes. Another widely chosen exterior paint combination is yellow and cream. This colour combination is said to blend in with any architectural type and surroundings.

How do I choose exterior house painting colour combinations?

Begin your exterior house wall design by choosing primary and secondary exterior paint colours that match your architectural design type. Then, understand your surroundings and the greenery in your neighbourhood. Study your own house to see where accent colours can be utilised. Choose two or three colours of your choice and lastly,  do keep in mind factors like weather, dust, and pollution as they can impact the durability and aesthetic value of your home.

Which colour is best for the exterior of a house as per Vastu?

Blue is considered one of the best house wall design outside colours, as per Vastu Shastra. It is said to bring calmness, prosperity, and solitude to your house as it gives a tranquil and neutral feel. Moreover, exteriors painted in blue appear to look elegant and often give a nautical, marine, or beach vibe and make a bold statement. 

Which colour is not recommended for exterior paint?

Colours like black, dark green, and dark red are not recommended for exterior wall painting ideas because dark colours tend to absorb light and fade quickly. They also make houses look smaller. Dark colours require higher maintenance and touch-ups. So, lighter colours are preferred for exterior paints because UV rays impact darker shades quickly. Another problem with dark paint colours is that it absorbs heat faster than usual. 

What are neutral colours for exterior house colors?

Greige, off-white, grey, ivory, cream, brown, and wooden textures are neutral colours for exterior house wall designs. This is simply because these colours tend to make your home look classy and contemporary and blend well into the surroundings. 

Which colour is best for an Indian house outside?

Yellow is the perfect choice for house wall design outside due to its vibrancy. Since it is a vivid and striking hue, you will often notice that it is used more on smaller homes like farmhouses or bungalows; however, it can also look great colour on Victorian homes, or Spanish-style homes. The choice to use yellow paint when it's less traditional will make a unique statement. 

What's the most welcoming colour?

The colour of the sun - yellow is said to be the most cheerful and welcoming colour for home outside wall designs. It not only looks good in your interiors but also in your exteriors. Orange is said to take second place as per colour psychology. It is also a warm and welcoming tone that can be used as an accent colours on your walls.

What type of paint is best for an exterior house?

Acrylic paints are said to be the best type of paints for your exteriors because of their durability and longevity. It resists sun damage, moisture damage, and harsh climate. To find the perfect weather-protecting paints, scour through the wide range of Asian Paints’ high-quality acrylics. 

How can exterior wall design enhance the overall look of my home?

House front wall design plays an important role in enhancing the overall look of your home. It creates the first impression and influences how guests perceive your space. The exterior wall design is what people see first and foremost. Therefore, a good exterior wall design makes a lasting impact. Additionally, refreshing your exterior wall design with new materials and trends can increase your home's market value. Moreover, reflecting your personal style and taste through your exterior design can make your space stand out from the crowd.

Are there certain colors that help make a small exterior space look larger?

Yes, certain colors such as white, yellow and blue can help make a small exterior space look larger. 

  1. White: This is the go-to color for making a space feel larger and brighter. White reflects light that helps to open up the space and make it appear bigger than it is. 

  2. Off-white: If you would like a warmer option, opt for off-white, which can still create a sense of spaciousness without being too stark.

  3. Yellow: A bright yellow can add warmth and cheerfulness to a small space.

  4. Blue: A light blue can craft a sense of peace and serenity, and it can also help to make the space feel bigger.


How often should I repaint my exterior walls to keep them looking fresh?

Experts suggest repainting your exterior walls every 5-7 years.

The frequency of repainting your exterior walls depends on numerous factors, including:

1. Climate: If you live in an area with a harsh climate, you may need to repaint more often than someone in milder weather. 

2. Paint quality: Good-quality paints tend to last longer than cheaper ones. Thus, always opt for higher-quality paints.

3. Surface material: Different materials require different types of paint and have varying lifespans. 

4. Sun exposure: Walls exposed to direct sunlight will fade faster than those in shaded areas. 

Can you suggest color combinations that blend traditional and modern aesthetics for exteriors?

Merging traditional and modern aesthetics in your exterior colour scheme can help craft a distinctive and timeless look. Here are some colour combinations to get you started:

  1. Neutral base with bold accents: Use a classic neutral such as white, beige, or grey for the primary walls of your home. Thereafter, add a pop of colour with contemporary accents on trim, shutters, or even the front door. 

  2. Black and white with a pop of colour: This contemporary combination gets a traditional twist with the addition of a single accent colour. Add blue, green, or soft yellow for a touch of character.


What impact do different textures and finishes have on the appearance of exterior walls?

Different textures and finishes can have a large impact on the appearance of the exterior walls of your home. They can add visual interest, or they can help craft a more sleek and contemporary look. Smooth finishes create a clean, modern, and minimalist look, whereas textured finishes add depth and dimension. Finally, the best texture and finish for your home’s exterior walls are those that complement the overall design aesthetic of your space and showcase your personal tastes and preferences.

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