Outdoor Seating Colour Combinations

Wall colour combinations for outdoor seating



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Outdoor seating colour ideas 

The right outdoor setup can make all the difference when it comes to getting the most out of your backyard.

Whether you are planning to hang solo or host a barbeque party, these seating ideas will transform your outdoor space:

Paint the backdoor with bright colours : Painting an exterior door with a bright outdoor wall colour is a quick way to add drama to your entrance, and this hack works best in the backyard. So, set a colourful tone for your outdoor space with a fresh hue.

- Add colourful fabrics : It is an easy way to add colour to your backyard. Pick furniture and an outdoor rug in neutral tones, then layer it with colourful outdoor cushions, throw pillows, upholstered poufs, and other accessories.

- Use colourful furniture : Carve out a cosy backyard retreat with bold, vibrant, and quirky outdoor furniture and accessories. Add plenty of comfy pillows and a small colourful table to enjoy a drink or snack.

- Accessorise with light verandah colours : A verdant backyard can look overwhelming with dark greens and wood tones. So, brighten up your outdoor entertainment space with a light-coloured outdoor rug and plain white or bohemian furniture.

How to choose the colour for outdoor seating or veradah of the house?

• Avoid dark verandah colours

One of the best tips for designing a verandah is to avoid black and dark colours. This is simply because using dark verahdah colour schemes can absorb dust and make you repaint your verahdah quite often.

• Look for durability

The type of verandah colours you use will decide the durability of the paint irrespective of the colour. For instance, high-gloss paints may look chic, but they are not suited for verandahs, even though it has the highest durability.

• Consider its effect on the surroundings 

Whatever verandah or outdoor wall colour and finish you use; it will only look good if it blends perfectly well with your surroundings. So, if you’re someone living in hilly regions or near the sea, spend some time looking for the best colour for a verandah based on its impact on nature. 

• Go all out with bright colours 

Bright outdoor wall colour for verandahs can induce an extra appeal to your space in the first blink. So, use bold, eye-catching colours for your verandah as they can catch anyone’s attention from a fair distance.

What are the top 5 colours for your outdoor seating & verandah of the house?

• Chartreuse 

Electrifying and joyful, chartreuse is the best, zippy verandah colour. Even though the colour is deployed fearlessly, it's always the star of the show. This green-yellow shade works well for verandahs due to its fresh appeal. 

• Warm neutrals

Warm, neutral verandah paint colors are currently having a moment. They not only bring warmth and versatility to your space but can also instantly make a room feel cosy and comforting.

• Classic navy

Navy blue is a classic and chic outdoor wall colour. It has the ability to give a sophisticated look to any modern architecture. It also makes a good choice for any exterior area.

• Yellow

The warm and lively yellow is connected to positivity. So, paint your verandah in yellow hues to bring happiness, wisdom, and optimism to your space.

• Meadow green

Meadow green is a great outdoor wall colour as it ties the greenery around the house to create a beautiful and cohesive look. It will also warm up your space without stealing the limelight from your gorgeous lawn.

Which colour is best for outdoor?

The best colour for every house exterior! Grey is one of the popular and modern exterior wall paint colours for every house. It will make your house stand out against your neighbours’. You can add black panels and doors to complement the grey exterior of your house. It gives an elegant and suave look to the walls as it is one of the most sophisticated choices for exterior house paint.

How do you paint a verandah?

Start by cutting in around the edges and hard-to-reach areas of your verandah. Apply verandah paint colours to the surface using short, horizontal brush strokes. Then, smooth over the wet painted area with long brush strokes. See to it that you do not reload the brush when you do this, a few strokes should be enough to smoothen the surface.

What type of paint is best for porch?

Concrete porch and patio paints are great for a porch. They are low-lustre acrylic latex paints. Hence, these paints are designed to conceal imperfections and resist fading, scuffing, cracking, and UV damage. You can also use epoxy-based paints as they provide high durability, making them a great choice for patio floors. They are available in a wide range of colours and styles and can be applied in multiple layers to create a seamless finish.

What paint is weather proof?

Acrylic paints are weatherproof, durable, and long-lasting. They are typically made from high-quality ingredients that make them thick and viscous. The chemicals used in these acrylic paints make it more elastic, allowing them to easily expand and contract as temperature fluctuates. Moreover, the elasticity of these paints makes it ideal for home exteriors. So, you can use them on siding made from wood, aluminium, or fibre cement. It also works great to cover stucco, plaster, and drywall.