Puja Room Colour Combinations

Wall colour combinations for pooja room



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Wall Painting Design in Pooja Room

  • Pooja room with serene puja room wall colours: If you’re someone who prefers a calm and composed vibe and loves to stay in a sober environment, go for a blue paint or any other neutral mandir paint design without thinking. 

  • Pooja room with backlights: Illumination adds more depth and colour to a pooja room. This is why you can need to create a room with backlights. Try using diyas, fairy lights, or decorative, illuminated mandir paint design and other pooja room paint ideas to add colour. 

  • Pooja room on a marble slab: This design looks great when done right! So, add more puja room wall colour to by selecting suitable mandir decoration ideas that work with the colour scheme of your space. 

  • Pooja room with false ceiling designs: Many modern pooja rooms have adapted latest trends, such as false ceiling designs. So, you can try implementing different painting ideas for the pooja room in your space. 


Pooja Room Colour Combinations

Colours can be great mood lifters; all the more reason to pay particular attention to that special space in your homes – the puja room. The mandir room colour combination you choose for the room should enhance its serenity and create a peaceful space. Here, we list a few ideas for mandir room colour combinations that will help you do just that.

  • Gold and yellow: If you want to give a luxurious or grand vibe to your pooja room, it makes sense to go with wall painting ideas for pooja room that are gold and yellow. This pooja room colour combination can effectively reveal the idol’s radiance when used aesthetically.

  • Cream and beige: Using this pooja room colour combination of cream and beige works best for keeping interiors in line with the natural tone. This puja room colour combination adds an element of neutrality against the backdrop of the sacred puja room wall colour like white.

  • Blue and green: The pooja room colour combination of green and blue can effortlessly add life to your pooja room. If you are looking forward to giving a more fresh, divine energy to your pooja room, pair these wall painting ideas for pooja room with warmer hues. 


What are the factors to consider while choosing wall paint for Pooja Room?

Whether you’re redecorating your pooja room with a fresh mandir room colour or building a new one from the scratch by implementing some best wall painting designs for pooja room, you need to keep the following things in mind:

· Finish - This is perhaps the most crucial thing. So, select the wall painting ideas for pooja room based on the room type. For instance, if your pooja room is surrounded by people, use pooja room wall painting with more durable finishes. But if it usually quiet with less hustle and bustle, pick those pooja room colour designs with matte, eggshell, or satin finishes.

· Paint sheen – The lustre and sheen of the mandir room colour will impact the light within a room. For instance, paints with a higher shine will reflect and bounce back lighter, making smaller rooms look more spacious.

· Surface imperfections – Go for pooja room wall painting designs with less gloss if your surface has multiple imperfections like patchy areas, nail holes, etc.

· Paint base – Understanding the various pooja room wall painting and their functionalities is as important as handpicking shades for your wall colour paints and furniture. This is simply because the quality and finish of your pooja room colour design can brighten up your space, making it look alive. 

Why choose Asian Paints for your pooja room painting?
  • Expert guidance:

When thinking of pooja room wall painting designs, first think about the pooja room colour combination. Look for different colour inspirations online or seek a consultation for choosing the right pooja room wall painting ideas from an expert. Our in-house professionals can guide you choose the right pooja room painting design and mandir room colour for your divine space.

  • Budget-friendly paints:

If you’re looking for pooja room painting designs on a budget, Asian paints will provide you with better, budget-friendly pooja room wall painting services that will elevate the look of your house at an affordable rate.

  • Quality of the product:

Not only do we offer affordable Asian paints pooja room colour, but also high-quality Asian paints pooja room colour, as per your requirements. 

Which colour is the best for pooja room?

The colour orange is one of the best pooja room paint ideas. You can use a wooden finish pooja cabinets to complete the look of the space. This colour for your wall painting designs for pooja room will look great if you pair them with a dark, bold colour. If you use a light wood-coloured polish for your pooja room, it will help you create the perfect contrasting look.

Which colours give positive energy?

Colours like green, blue, and yellow look balancing and rejuvenating. Adding these pooja room paint ideas to your space can allow you to relax, stay grounded, and be present within the atmosphere around you. These colours for wall painting designs for pooja room also bring about positivity, calmness, and serenity in your space. So, an interior focused on these colours is sure to be a restorative environment.

How can I beautify my pooja room?

Get creative with your pooja room wall painting designs when you do not have ample space to spare in your pooja room. Place your pooja unit into a vacant, unused nook, where it can fit perfectly. Hang a lamp or a brass bell in the corner above the temple to give it an elegant look. If you have a textured backdrop, this setup will only complement the look even further.