Studio Apartment Colour Combinations

Wall colour combinations for studio apartment



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Studio apartment colour ideas

Studio apartments are fantastic blank canvases. So, it’s much simpler to decorate them as per your liking. All you need to do is make minor changes to transform them into a different and conventional space. And one of the best ways of doing that is by using the right apartment colours.

With the right paint colours for studio apartment, you can make the space look bigger, lighter, grander, or cosier, depending on your choice, of course. So, here are some best wall colour studio apartment:

1. Dark blue : A top choice for studio apartments! Blues have lately become the go-to option for studio apartments that have large architectural elements.

2. Sage green : Subdued and relaxing, sage green is the best paint colour for studio apartment that calms your mind and soul easily.

3. Earthy ochre : When paired with other warm tones, this best wall colour for studio apartment called earthy ochre looks great in in studio apartments and other spaces that require peace.

4. Silver : Silver is one of the best studio apartment colour ideas for smaller spaces as it gives a contemporary feel with a dash of sophistication.

5. Green : Another wall colour for studio apartment is green. It will work nicely in those studio apartments that need extra warmth.

6. Beige : Beige is the best paint colour for studio apartment, but pairing the colour with other neutrals can add a dramatic effect to your space.

How to choose wall paint colours for studio apartments?

Look for inspiration  

For an easy way to decide a colour scheme, base your choices on a picture. This could either be a piece of artwork, a rug, a photo, or a patterned fabric that appeals to you. You can even pull-out specific shades within the design and apply those studio apartment colour ideas. 

Identify the colour value 

As you choose apartment colours, don't forget to consider the value - lightness and darkness of any hue. You can then try selecting one dark colour, one light colour, and one bright colour in your studio apartment. 

Plan your colour scheme  

If you're wary of colours, map it out first. Draw a plan of your apartment and list down different colours for studio apartment. You can also check out the swatches or our colour catalogue before deciding on anything.  

Check the light effect  

Colour reflects light, so the kind and amount of light in a studio apartment will significantly affect the colour scheme. So, experiment with how natural light or light from lamps and recessed fixtures impacts the colour in fabrics, paint, furniture, and other surfaces. 

Why choose Asian Paints for your studio apartment design & painting?

A wide variety of shades  

Asian Paints has over 2,200 shades to choose from. So, you can select between these colours for studio apartment of your choice.  

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We, at Asian Paints, provide a 12-year warranty for Royale wall paints and a 10-year warranty for all Bathsense bath products including a free spare replacement for both. 

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When it comes to our painting services, we provide the best decisions solely on your budget. This is also true when it comes to your home repairs or renovations. 

Dedicated customer support  

Our service and design team works with your vision, lifestyle, and budget to give you the perfect interior design for your bathroom. 

How do I choose a color scheme for a studio apartment?

When planning a room's colour scheme, resist the temptation to select paint colours for studio apartment first. This is simply because paints can be matched to virtually any colour. So, it’s best to start your colour search with room elements, such as furniture, fabrics, tile, or wallpaper. Then select the desired paint colours for studio apartment based on those elements.

Which colour is best for studio?

You can never go wrong with bold colours when it comes to painting your studio apartment. Some of the best bold colours are blue, pink, etc. But remember that if you are picking bold studio apartment paint colours, stick to one shade only. Using multiple studio apartment paint colours can make your house look disjointed and messy. You can also try adding bold accessories like bright furniture, stark wall paintings, or funky mirrors.

What is the best color to paint a small apartment?

A perfectly neutral cream is one of the preferred apartment colours for most homeowners. It is because the shade makes a small room like a studio apartment appear bright and beautiful against hardwoods or other natural materials. It is also safe as it acts as the perfect backdrop for any other colours and décor items. Another great hack is to layer it with different hues of cream.