A Home New World represents a mindset change in how we relate to our home and work spaces. Home is an entire ecosystem where worlds that were otherwise separate, now collide. As we hack our spaces to serve new needs, we demand solutions that are accessible, multifunctional and adaptable. In the ColourNext Trend Report, we deep-dive into how home as a new ecosystem catalyses flexible solutions that help us self-sustain.


Efficient & Adaptable

As we hack our spaces to serve new needs, we demand solutions that are accessible, easy-to-maintain, and that evolve over time. Modular solutions that turn our existing spaces into multifunctional hubs continue to become part of our home environment.


Uplifting & Energising

Stationed in one place, we all need a little bit of inspiration, something that pleasantly distracts us from the routine. As schooling, working, cooking, exercising and conferencing happen simultaneously, we create nooks for hobbying too



Caught in the frenzy of everyday life while staying indoors, the cool colour palette of A Home New World uplifts your space and your mood. Pops of energetic colours inspire you in small doses and give you a break from the routine. Versatile neutrals give you positive respite while making sure you’re still getting things done.


A Home New World

The rhythmic veins of Last Summer are like soft jazz after a crazy day. The exposed concrete-like texture of Royale Play Wall2Floor anchors the assorted spaces with varied decor.

Inspiring ideas for your home

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