Habitat is a story of coexistence and humility – of pausing and observing the world around us and having transformed in this moment of stillness. There is no “back to normal” for we can’t unsee our lopsided past. It’s time for a systemic rethink of how we exist and coexist with the world. In this moment of reality check, we’ve witnessed nature rejuvenate with a vengeance and had time to reflect on the impact of our actions. Humbled by the enormity of the visible and invisible world, this change in our perception of the world – as a network of interconnected systems – forces us to systematically change our lifestyle, industries, economy, education and our fundamental habits. As we find new ways to coexist with the world around us, what lies ahead is a path of restoration and healing, of responding collectively with solutions that present a healthier, more optimistic and balanced future.


Co-exist & Humility

We find new ways to coexist with the world around us and respond collectively with solutions for a healthier, more balanced future. Permaculture and ‘Grow Your Own Food’ prompt us to consume responsibly and tread gently.



As we witness nature rejuvenate with a vengeance, our inner balance is restored too. We're filled with hope and an optimism to create positive change around us. Nurturing colours that hint at sources of energy and life, like the sun and water.



The Habitat palette stems from humility and seeking a balance with nature. The warmer intermediate spectrum represents compassion, while its subtle grey overlay gives it a mature tone. Absorbing shades of brown, olive green, murky yellow and dirty blue represent nature and its elements.


Habitat Pattern

The folksy patterns of Desert Legend wallpaper add a touch of optimism. The coarse grains of Royale Play Teodorico Travertine have a stone-like poise.

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