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We are who we are. Aware but not tied to isms. Authentic. You may think we're weird, but to us, WE matter more than your judgements. Society,community, politics and the environment, justice and fairness, matter. We're tired of talk – we act. Behind our screens, we're stirring up a revolution. Z Futures is inspired by the self-assured, liberal and fluid attitude of GenZs. Take a closer look at this youthful spirit of adventure mixed with the calm of domestic cosy, in the ColourNext Trend Report.


Activism & Digital Natives

Having grown up during turmoil, instead of sitting back and engaging in armchair politics GenZ has been leading marches, protests and social movements from the front. True digital natives, they've not known a life without the internet or smartphones. What’s starkly different is how GenZ uses digital – as a tool to mobilise their online communities on-ground and bring their concerns from the digital to the real world.


Fluid & Inclusive

By giving voice to the Black Lives Matters, issues of diversity & inclusivity, mental health and LGBTQ Pride, Gen Z display an innate ability to navigate differences with ease and grace. Unusual colours like light pink and blue reflect GenZ’s tolerant disposition and how they’re not so quick to judge and label others.



Unusual contrasts form the colour palette for Z Futures expressing the fluid, inclusive and tolerant mindset of GenZ – open to diverse perspectives sans judgement. Light and airy colours when juxtaposed with dominant orange, bottle green and a dark grey bring out the idea of assembled oddities, a trait we associate with the demographic.


Z Futures Pattern

Its croc-skin texture gives the walls a unique leathery look. The casual criss-cross of Nilaya Bluebell gives it a domestic cozy.