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Kaamyabi Ke Rang (Colors of Success) - Season 2 - Jitendra - Episode 3

In continuation of our partnership with the contractors, we are happy to present Season 2 of Kaamyabi Ke Rang (Colors of Success). These series showcase the human side of this profession to our customers. Each journey is also embellished with a key skill that has helped the contractor to make a name for himself in the society.

To find out more about such stories of contractors for your next painting project click here


Who are these listed contractors?

These are painting contractors trained by Asian Paints. They have expertise in areas like, special textures, waterproofing, wood finishes and wallpaper application along with standard home painting.

How should I choose the right painting contractor?

Start with your area pincode or area name and locate paint contractors who work in your area. If you have any special requirements such as waterproofing or wood painting, look for the relevant filters and choose wood contractor or waterproofing contractors who are specialists in such work. While all our contractors do a good job with the standard painting, some of them specialize in certain tasks. So do remember to filter down based on your requirements. Not able to choose? Don’t worry, give us a call at 1800-209-5678 and we will help you find the right home painter

How does the painting process work?

Once you locate a contractor near you, call the contractor directly and finalize a convenient time for home visit. When the contractor visits you, he will take measurements of your home, discuss the right products, and give you a full painting quotation. Once you agree to this quotation, your painting work begins. If you need any assistance during this process – please call us at 1800-209-5678 and we will be happy to help. 

Does Asian Paints provide any warranty for the services provided by these contractors?

Sorry, the service is not covered under any warranty. The delivery by the contractor is his own independent service. Asian Paints is only facilitating access for you to these contractors. However, Many Asian Paints’ products themselves come with warranty and these will apply. For a detailed understanding of the product warranty, do ask your contractor to give you the names of products that you finalize during budget discussion and look them up on our website for all the warranty details.

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Locate contractors near you and kickstart you home painting project. If you have any special requirements such as waterproofing, use the relevant filters and choose contractors who are specialists in such work. 

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- *To enroll as a contractor, pls contact our help line at 1800209 3000