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When we think of a painter contractor, we often forget to take a look at the person behind the job. The person behind the label and the hands behind the expertise. It’s always more than meets the eye. Have you imagined what it must have taken for our contractors today, to have developed the capabilities to beautify our homes? It took more than just training to stand here. It took will, passion and determination to become a success.

Very rarely do we delve deep into the stories that made such professionals. Today, we embark on a journey to the other side of this profession. A journey that takes you into the nooks and crannies of their hearts, their stories, the struggles and the road to success. These stories are handpicked and stand testimony to all the people that have become the pride of this profession. We bring to you a rare collective of stories from the other side of the contractor profession to reframe the customer-contractor paradigm, to bring warmth and to show you the other side of the lens.


The birds are chirping in the company of Mamta as she sits and watches the horizon peacefully. On the banks of a river in West Bengal, sits Mamta with her silence and her untold story. Born and raised in another country, at a tender age of 5, she was sold to India and she landed up in one of the metros - deserted, unemployed and heartbroken. Mamta had nothing at her disposal, but she had something most of us are still seeking. Courage. From painting red all over the stereotypes to creating a canvas of success, Mamta rose to be a professional paint contractor solely because of her sheer willpower and determination. People like Mamta are the hands behind the masterpieces we call home today.  




Kites are serenading the sky, as Upinder stands and gazes at the clouds, the large canvas up there. After leaving school in the 10th standard due to some circumstances, Upinder chose the path to hard work and honesty, as instructed by his late father. He left his village with his friends, and ended up embracing the paint contractor profession. His belief today is that anybody who makes anything beautiful deserves to be called an artist. We believe in this too. His sincerity, his work principles and the fact that he treats every project as his own home shows us what many artists like him are made of. We as customers need to recognize such hard work and celebrate such unsung heroes 




Greeting the first rays of sunshine stands Dhanush with a determined look in his eyes. Born in a small village called Iveli, Dhanush faced tough times and had to drop out of school in the 8th standard itself. Owing to circumstances, he and his brother set out to Chennai to make dreams come true. That is where Dhanush got acquainted with the painting profession and his success story began to take form. Starting off from one site to now handling many, Dhanush has mastered the art of being a paint contractor and has found success. Customers also have nothing but praise for him. His success mantra is ‘Hard work and talent can take you places.’ 



There are many artists like Mamta, Upinder and Dhanush out there who work hard to make your homes beautiful and deserve to be celebrated. Such stories are a testament to how a profession flourishes if customers understand the story behind it. Asian Paints is here to discover these artists and bring them to you, so you can let your homes become a masterpiece in their hands. Celebrating such journeys makes us as customers reframe the way we view the profession and the people behind it.

We hope the next time you use our Contractor Finder Tool, to get in touch with  professionals trained by us, these stories provide the motivation for you to welcome them into your homes and celebrate their work.

Our Contractor Finder Tool helps you find such professionals in and around your area, with the expertise you seek and years of experience. Reviews, ratings and badges determine their personal achievements and assist you in the shortlisting journey as well. You can always schedule home visits with multiple professionals from our directory to outline and understand your requirements. To begin your home improvement journey, click here.

Lastly, we are going to leave you with a quote to remember.

“In any profession, when you lose yourself, you become the Art.” - A.R Rahman


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