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Asian Paints offers a vast range of interior wall paints for your home and commercial spaces. Explore the world of protection for your interior spaces, through the Royale Health Shield Range of Anti Bacterial coatings. Innovative solutions that keeps your family safe and protected, while giving your walls the best finish. Have a look at our range now and choose a paint best suited for you.


Royale Health Shield

Royale Health Shield is a revolutionary Anti-Bacterial Paint. Royale Health Shield Luxury Emulsion is equipped with Silver Ion Technology which kills 99%# of infection-causing bacteria on the painted surfaces, thus, providing a more hygienic environment at home.


Royale Health Shield Clear

Asian Paints Royale Health Shield Clear is a Water-Based Protective Clear Coat. It provides excellent Anti-Bacterial performance and also provides a luxurious smooth finish. The product is recommended over defect free Emulsion and Enamel painted surfaces.


#Royale Health Shield range of products with Silver Ion technology, within 2 hours of exposure kills 99% bacteria on painted surfaces

*Fomite Infections (bacteria) can spread through infected walls among other indoor surfaces in homes and offices

Refer to ‘Antibacterial Silver’, 1994, School of Chemistry & App Chemistry, University of Wales by Julia Clement & Penelope Jarrett.

Refer the certification report under “Product Certification Document” based on study by Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (Govt. of India recognized laboratory) for detailing. 

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