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Nilaya Wall Coverings - Asian Paints

Moon Stencil Designs

A wall covering does much more than just covering a wall – it brings the wall to life. Nilaya is an exquisite offering from Asian Paints, a perfect blend of our rich understanding of surfaces and the Indian aesthetics. Nilaya’s range of signature wallpapers are curated from the finest manufacturers around the world.

Can you use spray paint with stencils?

We do not recommend using spray paints with stencils because spray paints are not viscous enough to get sharp imprints.

Is stencil paint washable?

Washability depends on the type of paint you choose and we recommend usage of Asian Paints Royale line of paints  which are highly washable.

What tools are recommended while using stencils?

Please use the Asian Paints Smartcare Multipurpose Roller 700 for best finish.

How to use a stencil on the wall?

Here are the steps to apply a stencil.

1. Base Preparation

After plastering and cleaning, proceed to fill dents and primer application using Decoprime Cement Primer (ST) or  Decoprime Cement Primer (WT). Finally apply 2 coats of Asian Paints Premium Emulsion as basecoat.

2. Stencil Application
Place the stencil on the desired area using masking tape and apply 2 coats of Emulsion on the stencil. Wait for the paint to dry completely before removing the stencil and masking tape.

3. Finishing Step

Fine tune the edges of the design using 0.5 in./1 in./2in. brush.

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