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Trucare Graco Ultramax 490 PC Pro

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Can Trucare Graco Ultramax sprayer make the painting process faster?

Yes, as the sprayer is like a paint gun that can be sprayed much faster than a brush or roller.

Is there a difference in the finish/quality when you use Trucare Graco Ultramax compared to manual painting?

Yes, this airless sprayer gives even paint deposition and hence the finish is much smoother than the results of manual painting.

Is it cost effective to use Trucare Graco Ultramax sprayer?

Yes, it gives faster turnaround which saves labour cost and gives high savings at every site.

Will I require less labour when I use a Trucare Graco Ultramax sprayer?

Yes, with Trucare Graco Ultramax pro airless sprayer, only few painters are required to comfortably cover one small site.

Does it only spray paint on walls?

No, it is a multipurpose airless sprayer which can be used to apply putty or paint interior, exterior and wooden surfaces as well.