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Wallpaper installation at home

Get assistance to choose the right wallpaper and enjoy professional installation service.

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Asian Paints Wall Coverings brings to you a wide collection of wallpapers to choose from. Our range expands by brand, category, colour, design and style. We have something for every home. Have a look at some of our most popular designs.

Wallpaper Application

The process of installation is just as important as its selection. After you make a choice of the right colour and pattern for your home, our well-trained experts install the interior wallpaper with tools and materials- specially designed for Indian conditions.

Home Wallpaper Application Process - Asian Paints

The ultimate guide to adding wallpaper in your home

We get it. While we are all comfortable with the idea of a paint project, the idea of trying wallpaper for walls tends to intimidate most people. However, home wallpapers open a whole new world for your surfaces. And especially designer wallpaper, which can work wonders to elevate the look of a room if you let it, even allowing you some creative expression.

House Wallpaper Collection - Asian Paints

The Essence of 



A wall covering does much more than just covering a wall - it brings the wall to life. Nilaya is an exquisite new offering from Asian Paints, a perfect blend of our rich understanding of surfaces and the Indian aesthetics. It reveals a world of inspiration, where design, material, and technique come together to create stunning surfaces. Nilaya's range of signature surfaces - home wallpapers, wall coverings, decals, borders and paintable interior wallpapers is curated from the finest manufacturers around the world.

The Essence of Nilaya Wallpapers - Asian Paints


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