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Asian Paints Wall Coverings brings to you a wide collection of wallpapers to choose from. Our range expands by brand, category, colour, design and style. We have something for every home. Have a look at some of our most popular designs.

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The process of installation is just as important as its selection. After you make a choice of the right colour and pattern for your home, our well-trained experts install the interior wallpaper with tools and materials- specially designed for Indian conditions.


The ultimate guide to adding wallpaper in your home

We get it. While we are all comfortable with the idea of a paint project, the idea of trying wallpaper for walls tends to intimidate most people. However, home wallpapers open a whole new world for your surfaces. And especially designer wallpaper, which can work wonders to elevate the look of a room if you let it, even allowing you some creative expression.


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A wall covering does much more than just covering a wall - it brings the wall to life. Nilaya is an exquisite new offering from Asian Paints, a perfect blend of our rich understanding of surfaces and the Indian aesthetics. It reveals a world of inspiration, where design, material, and technique come together to create stunning surfaces. Nilaya's range of signature surfaces - home wallpapers, wall coverings, decals, borders and paintable interior wallpapers is curated from the finest manufacturers around the world.



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Stylish Wall Coverings Options

Welcome to our Wall Coverings Range, where we redefine luxury and nature through our exquisite range of wallpapers. Our collection boasts the opulence of Sabyasachi - Luxury Defined Wallpapers to the serene allure of Good Earth for Nilaya - A Natural Wallpaper Series.

Looking for an elegant touch? Choose from our fabric wall coverings that add a sophisticated texture to any room. If you're after something more practical, our plastic wall-covering options provide a durable and easy-to-clean solution.

But why stop at practicality? Embrace the dramatic with our textured wall covering options, designed to create depth and interest in your space. Our wall-covering selections are not merely about covering a surface, they're about defining a space.

So, why wait? Dive into the world of wall coverings today. Explore our fabric wall coverings, textured wall covering, and plastic wall covering options. So don't just cover your walls, let them make a statement!

FAQs on Wallpaper Designs

What is wall coverings?

Wall coverings are materials used to decorate and protect walls in various spaces. They come in different forms such as wallpaper, fabric, wood panelling, and tile. Wall covering serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. They provide a protective layer for the wall surface while enhancing the visual appeal of a room. Wallpaper covering design offers an array of patterns and textures, while other options like fabric, wood panelling, or tile bring unique textures and styles. The choice of wall coverings depends on personal preferences and the desired atmosphere of the space.

What are the different types of wall coverings?

There are several different types of wall coverings available to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of a space. Here are some of them -

  • Wallpaper coverings come in different varieties such as vinyl, grass cloth, peel and stick, paintable, washable, and more
  • Non-woven wallcoverings are comprised of polyolefin yarns and are often backed with acrylic or paper, providing easy installation and maintenance.
  • Wood panelling adds warmth and natural beauty to a room.
  • Fabric can be used as wall upholstery for a luxurious look.
  • Tile provides durability and can create a sleek and modern appearance.

The choice of wall covering depends on personal style and requirements of the space.

What is the cheapest wall covering?

When looking for the cheapest wall covering, there are several options to consider:

  • Wood pallets: Upcycling wood pallets can provide an affordable and rustic look to your walls.
  • Paint: One of the most cost-effective options, paint offers a wide range of colours and finishes to transform your walls.
  • Wallpaper coverings: Explore budget-friendly wall covering sheets that offer various patterns and textures to enhance your space.
  • Stone or brick veneer: Faux versions of these materials can be more affordable alternatives for adding texture to your walls.
  • Decorative panels: Look for inexpensive options like 3D plastic panels or decorative basement wall panels for a unique and affordable design.

What is the most commonly used wall covering material?

The most used wall covering material is solid vinyl. Solid vinyl wallpaper consists of a vinyl film laminated to a fabric or paper substrate, offering durability and versatility. It is considered more durable than fabric-backed or non-woven wallcoverings. Non-woven wallcoverings, on the other hand, are also widely used. Non-woven wallcoverings can be plain paper stock or a non-woven type of material, providing easy installation and suitable for various wall surfaces such as plaster, sheetrock (drywall), panelling, and cinder. These materials are popular choices for their durability and ability to withstand heavy traffic in commercial spaces.

What is the most durable wall covering?

The most durable wall coverings for high-traffic areas include ceramic tile, faux stone, metal tile, laminate or wood veneer panelling, and solid vinyl. These materials are known for their ability to withstand heavy use, provide long-lasting durability and have good wall-covering designs.

What is a washable wall covering?

A washable wall covering sheet refers to a wall covering material that can be easily cleaned and maintained. Vinyl and non-woven wall coverings are popular choices for washable options as they can be wiped down or even scrubbed without causing damage. This makes these wall covering designs suitable for areas prone to stains or dirt buildup.

Is wall paint better or a wall covering?

Whether wall paint or a wall covering is better depends on personal preference and the specific needs of the space. Wall coverings offer a wide range of wall covering designs, textures, and patterns, allowing for more customization. On the other hand, wall paint provides flexibility in terms of colour choices and can be easily changed. Ultimately, it's a matter of balancing aesthetics, durability, and ease of application.

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