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Is my order confirmed?

You will receive an email and SMS on order confirmation. Please contact our helpdesk (mail OR call us at 1800-209-5678) if you are unsure at any point.

When will my order be shipped?

We ship all the orders within 2-3 days. You will receive an SMS confirmation as soon as your order is shipped.

When will my order get delivered?

Delivery timelines may vary depending on your location. However, in usual scenarios, your order will get delivered within 8-10 working days of order placement. 

How much do you charge for delivery?

We offer free delivery on all order values of Nilaya Wallpapers. So, feel free to order whatever you like & no extra charges would be levied for delivery.

How can I track my order?

As soon as the order is shipped, we send you an email & SMS with tracking no. & tracking link.  

If you are having trouble reading the emails or if you haven't received any updates, please get in touch with our helpdesk immediately. Drop us an email at OR call us at 1800-209-5678.

Cancellation and Returns

Cancellation and Returns
How do I cancel an order?

Once you complete your payment, order is successfully placed in our system. 

However, for your convenience, we offer no-questions asked & hassle-free cancellation policy for all orders.  

An order can be cancelled any time before it is delivered to your doorstep. 

Just drop us an email at OR call us at 1800-209-5678 to cancel the order.  

Do not forget to mention your order number & the reason of cancellation in the mail. 

This will allow us to identify your order quickly & your feedback will help us serve you better in future.

What if items have been shipped out? Can I still cancel?

Yes, you have the full freedom to cancel your order till the day it is delivered to your doorstep. All you have to do is write to us at OR call us at 1800-209-5678 to cancel the order.

Once I cancel my order, when will I receive my refund?

In case of cancellations, amount will be refunded to the original source within 3-5 working days.

What is your return policy?

If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can easily return your items within 14    days from the date of delivery of the order.

Just drop us a mail at OR call us at 1800-209-5678 to return the order. 

Do not forget to mention your order number & the reason of return in mail. 

However, please make sure that original packaging is intact & the transparent plastic covering of the wallpaper is not tampered with, in any way.

Is there anything I need to take care of before returning the order?

For any return to be successfully processed, please ensure that the transparent plastic covering of the wallpaper is not tampered with in any way. Kindly also keep the original packaging intact for the product to be easily shipped back to us.

Till when can I return an order?

You can easily return your items within 14 days from the date of delivery. 

Do you arrange for reverse pickups?

Yes. Reverse pickup will be arranged by us, free of charge. 

You will receive a mail confirming that reverse pickup has been initiated. 

I have received a damaged product, what should I do?

We inspect all items before dispatching, to meet our highest quality standards. 

However, for some reason if the material is delivered damaged, you can write to us at OR call us on 1800-209-5678

We will ensure that the damaged material is picked up & replaced on priority.

My damaged product has been picked up. When will I receive a replacement?

Once your product is picked up, we initiate a replacement for you right away. It will take another 5-7 days to be delivered from the date of dispatch. 

Can I choose a different item in exchange?

We only allow replacement of the same product currently. 

However, if you intend to replace the delivered item with another design, please initiate return of the delivered order & place another order for desired product.

My reverse pickup is done. When will I receive my refund?

As soon as we receive your return request, we initiate free reverse pickup from your address. Upon pickup, material will be shipped back to our warehouse. Once it reaches our warehouse, it will be inspected for any damages or tampering with the outer covering.

After inspection is complete & no damages are noticed, a full refund will be issued & credited in your account. It usually takes 7-10 days for your refund to reach your account from the date of pickup. 

However, we will keep you updated & make sure the whole process is completely hassle-free for you.

Can I return these items in nearby Asian Paints store instead?

No, any item purchased from our website cannot be returned in any local store. 

To return any item bought online, please write to us at OR call us at 1800-209-5678.

I need help. Where do I need to contact?

If you need any assistance at any point, you can write to us at OR call us at 1800-209-5678.

Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty Rewards
Does Asian Paints offer a loyalty benefit?

Yes, we do!

Our loyalty program is called Happy With AP Club & we offer exclusive discounts & promotions to our members.  

How do I become a part of this club?

Just buy any of our products and post the image of the product in use on any Social media with the hashtag #HappywithAPClub . You can also email us the image of this product. 

THAT’S ALL! Now you will be a part of our club & receive a one-time 20% OFF discount on your next purchase. For further details, please visit:

However, please note: this discount will not be applicable on any Nilaya product!

Will this 20% discount work in my local Asian Paints store?

No. Any discount provided will be applicable only for online purchases made from

Will I be charged to be a part of your loyalty program?

No. Our loyalty program is completely free of cost. All you need to do is send us an image of any Asian Paints product in use.

Wallpaper Application

Wallpaper Application
I have asked for wallpaper application support in my order – what happens after I place the order?

Within 48 hours of successful order placement, you will receive a call from our customer service associate for the application of product. If you want to get application done via Asian Paints certified contractors, you can confirm the same on call. However, if you already have someone to take care of wallpaper application, kindly inform us on this call.

How will Asian Paints get the wallpaper application done?

After you confirm the requirement for application, we will select one of our certified applicators for you. As soon as the wallpapers are delivered, our customer service associate will arrange a site visit to inspect the condition of your wall & check if the ordered quantity is sufficient for installation. Once everything is confirmed, application will be done as per your convenient time & date. Application charges will be extra & collected directly by the applicator.

Why should I opt for application via Asian Paints?

Our certified applicators are highly skilled & trained directly by Asian Paints in our colour academies. So, if you opt for application via Asian Paints, you can expect hassle-free service with a promise of superior finish.

At any time if you have queries or concerns, you can reach out to our helpdesk.(mail OR call us at 1800-209-5678) 

I declined to take the application service, but now I have changed my mind & want Asian Paints to get the application done. What should I do?


If you want to re-opt for the application service, just give us a call at 1800-209-5678 or write to us at

We will arrange the application at your house by our certified experts.

Will the wallpaper application be charged separately?

Yes, the wallpaper application charges will be extra and they need to be paid directly to the applicator after the service. 

How much will applicator charge?

Wallpaper application charges are subject to the condition of the wall. If there is seepage or any other problem on the wall surface, it might require additional treatment prior to application. 

Hence, kindly discuss the application charge with the applicator after site inspection is complete.

Can you tell me more about the application process?

To understand the application process in detail, kindly visit 

At any time if you have any queries or concerns, you can reach out to our helpdesk (mail OR call us at 1800-209-5678) 

Are any other products required for wallpaper application?

Yes. A wall needs to be prepared before wallpaper application to ensure superior long lasting finish. You might need a primer, putty & Nilaya adhesive for this process. 

To understand the application process in detail, kindly visit 

How do I get these products and do I have to pay separately for them?

Yes. These products need to be purchased separately. You can also ask the applicator to arrange these products for you. 

How long does it take to complete the wallpaper application?

Wallpaper application time is subject to the condition & size of the wall. However, usually it is completed within 6 to 8 hours. You can talk to the applicator to get a better understanding of the process & application time for your wall.

Does Asian Paints provide any warranty?

Asian Paints provides a 3 year warranty on all Nilaya products, subject to a product related complaint. However, we do not offer any warranty on the application.

I am not satisfied with the application. What should I do?

For any grievance, you can reach out to our helpdesk (mail OR call us at 1800-209-5678)

We ensure quick resolution for all your queries.