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Topaz - Enchantment

Wallpaper ID: W131X241E75


MRP ₹ 8800.00 (Per Roll)

(Inclusive of all taxes)

The beaten metal look creates a silvery glamour and the sophistication of industrial chic. Leather and velvet appointments would go well


Topaz - Enchantment

MRP ₹ 8800.00

(Inclusive of all taxes)

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Is Asian Paints making these wallpapers?

Asian Paints is curating these wallpapers from the finest manufacturers in the world. The entire range is imported from US, UK & Europe. Traditionally, wallcoverings have been made in these countries & we think it is best to source it from those who know the process best & have access to the best raw materials.

Where can I see the entire range?


See the entire collection on Explore the pattern books or use the filters to browse through the entire collection. Be inspired by stories on décor, travel, style & our favourite designers.

Colour Idea Stores:

The most premium Asian Paints retailer outlets – the Colour Idea stores – carry the Nilaya pattern books. There is a Colour Consultant in-store who will help you shortlist the right patterns & the retailer will also help with installation.    

Signature Stores:

Walk into the Asian Paints Signature stores in Mumbai. Our colour consultants will walk you through the entire range and also help you with finding the right applicators.

Interior Designers:

The Nilaya range of wallcoverings is available with a select set of interior designers. Please contact your designer to see the exclusive designer collections – including the Maya Romanoff collection & wallcoverings by Kelly Hoppen.

From what price does your wallpaper range start?

By Rolls:

Wallcoverings are sold in rolls – each roll can cover approximately 57 sq feet of area. The prices mentioned in the website are all ‘per roll’. Need help estimating number of rolls for your space – use the wallpaper calculator on the product pages.

By Square Feet rates:

Usually, the cost of material plus installation is mentioned as ‘cost per square foot’ – this cost needs to be multiplied by the total area to be covered to get an idea of the total cost.

Who will install it? Will someone come from the company and put it?

Asian Paints Ezy Painting Service

Ezy Painting Service is a complete solution starting from surface preparation and ending in wallpaper installation – this service from Asian Paints Dealer Partners is available in select cities – check for the availability in your city.

Asian Paints Trained Installers

Each Colour Idea store has access to a set of trained installers. Your retailer will help you with identifying the right installer – please confirm this while confirming your purchase. Retailers can offer you a total cost including both the material & labour costs. While this rate may vary from city to city, expect to pay about 500 Rs per roll.

Freelance Installers

In most cities, there are freelance wallpaper installers available. In case you choose to find your own installers, please ensure that they adhere to the Nilaya recommended installation system & use the Nilaya adhesive sealer. 

Why choose wall coverings as a cladding option?

There are many advantages to using wallpaper over paint to decorate your space. For instance, wallpaper can cover up imperfect or damaged walls as well as add texture and dimension in way paint simply cannot do. Wallpaper also offers a wide range of colours and complex patterns that would be difficult to create with a paint brush.

Is wallpaper compatible with all kinds of surfaces?

You can wallpaper over just about any surface such as gypsum board, concrete, wood panelling, masonry, new and old plaster, and even tile or laminate. For uneven, newly repaired or slick surfaces, it is best to apply lining paper which provides a smooth surface for the wallpaper to adhere to, without blemishes.

Is wallpaper high on maintenance?

Relatively easy to maintain, wallpapers can be cleaned using dry methods such as vacuuming wallpaper or dusting with a sponge/soft cloth. When vacuuming, use a soft brush attachment to avoid damaging the texture. In case of washable wallpaper, clean it with a sponge that’s been lightly dampened in a solution of water and a drop of dish soap. Don’t get the wallpaper too wet. Keep a dry cloth at hand to soak up excess solution. Finish off by rinsing the wallpaper with a cloth/sponge that’s lightly dampened with clean water. Then immediately dry the wallpaper with a terry-cloth towel. Note: Certain uniquely textured wallpaper cannot be washed. Always test an inconspicuous spot first. If the wallpaper absorbs the water or the colours bleed, it is not washable. Even in case of washable wallpaper, do not use abrasive cleaners.

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