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Asian Paints Woodtech Ancillaries

Asian Paints Woodtech Ancillaries include various products which if used as a system during the process of Wood Painting or Wood Polishing.


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  • Durable
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What is the shelf life of WoodTech Wood Stains Interior paint?

The WoodTech Wood Stains Interior shelf life is 3 years from date of manufacture in original tightly closed container away from direct sunlight and extensive heat.

What colours/shades are available of WoodTech Wood Stains Interior paint?

The WoodTech Wood Stains Interior is available in Teak, Charcoal, Walnut, Red Brown, Red, Green, Wenge, Oak Yellow, Rosewood colours.

What are the benefits of using WoodTech Wood Stains Interior?

The WoodTech Wood Stains Interior benefits are easy application and exclusive shades.

How much area does WoodTech Wood Stains Interior cover?

The WoodTech Wood Stains Interior coverage on smooth sanded wooden surface by spraying 1 coat 5 - 6