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FAQs - Others

General frequently asked questions

How does one become a dealer for asian paints?

If you wish to become our dealer, you just need to provide some of your information to us, i.e., the name of your registered shop along with the complete address, your details, contact numbers, pancard details(not mandatory). Afterwhich we get all the information registered with us. Once it's recorded in our system, we forward it to our relevant department, and then you get a revert from them as per the requirement in your area.

A customer got registered for a dealership, but hasn't received any updates.

We're sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. We completely understand your situation. However, once there's a requirement in your area, we would accordingly revert and notify you regarding the same .

What is the investment for an asian paints dealership?

We cannot provide you the information for the entire investment for dealership, as it differs from area to area. Once registered for dealership, our relevant department reverts and provides the information.

If the shop is in a sibling's/relative's name, can a customer get the dealership in his/her name?

Dealership can only be provided if the registered shop is in your name. If in case the shop is registered under your sibling's or relative's name, you can get our dealership registered under their name.

Can a customer have a rented shop to avail your dealership?

To avail our dealership, you need to have a registered shop under your name.

Can a customer find out about the terms and conditions for dealership?

Yes, you can. You would need to email us on customercare@asianpaints.com, along with your pincode and address. We will revert to you with the terms and conditions for dealership in the next 24hours.

For dealership, can one get depo contact details or a sales team number?

We're sorry, we are not authorised to provide that information. However, we can help you get a dealership. You just need to provide some of your information i.e., the name of your registered shop along with the complete address, your name, contact numbers, pancard details(not mandatory). Afterwhich, we register this information with us. Once it's recorded in our system, we then forward it to our relevant department, and then you get a revert from them as per the requirement in your area.

When will a customer receive the booklet (easy colour beautiful home guide or apex ultima & waterproofing guide)?

If a customer calls to inform that he/she hasn't received the booklets yet, first you would need to check the date on which the booklets were registered. If the date exceeds more than three months, then you need to re-register for the booklets and inform the customer accordingly. And in case it has not exceeded a month, then you will need to check for dispatch details, locate POD number and provide it to the customer. We request you to check with Blue Dart Courier Services/Speed Post.

What can a contractor do when they have received coupons in the putty bag?

We request you to approach our nearest dealer for further enquiries.

Can the easy colour beautiful home guide be shared through email?

Sure, please provide your email ID. We will forward your request, and you will receive an Easy Colour Beautiful Home Guide, via email within the next 24 hours.

What is the expiry date of asian paints products?

If you haven't opened the lid of our product, it will last for 3 years from the date of manufacturing. However, if you have opened the lid of the product tin, then we recommend you use the product within the next 24 hours.

How does one identify duplicate products?

In order to verify if the Product is our original product, you need to check some details on the product Tin: 1) First you need to check if our Logo (Ribbons) is mentioned on the Product Tin. 2) You need to check the spelling of Asian Paints, and also the name of the product mentioned on the tin. 3) The Helpline number is 1800-209-5678, and you can call anytime between 08:00 am to 08:00 pm, Monday to Sunday. The address to our headoffice is: Asian Paints Ltd, Asian Paints House, 6A, Shantinagar, Santacruz (E), Mumbai - 400055. Our telephone number (022-39818000) should be mentioned on the Product Tin.

Does asian paints provide a material test certificate?

Yes, we do provide one. However, we require certain details from you i.e.: 1) Product Name. 2) Shade Name. 3) Shade Code. 4) Base Name. 5) Base Code. 6) Batch No. 7) Quantity. 8) Manufacturing Date. 9) Where it is used (Surface)? 10) What are usage & application conditions, and specification if any. 11) Project for which it is required. 12) Interior or Exterior Exterior surface. You need to email all the above information, at customercare@asianpaints.com and we will revert to you in the next 24 hours.

A customer wants asian paints to execute a complete painting job including exteriors, interiors or even part of it, like some furniture, etc. can it be done?

Yes, we do provide that service. Asian Paints Home Solutions would do that for you. We can share your contact details with them, and they will get back to you.

Does one need to apply any oil-based primer after scraping off the chunna and then apply utsav synthetic distemper or can they apply utsav synthetic distemper directly after scraping off the chunna?

Utsav Synthetic Distemper can be applied after sanding off the earlier Chuna substrate. This should not result in chalking.

Apex duracast roughtex has been introduced on the website as asian paints apex duracast roughtex is a textured finish comprised of high quality exterior durable acrylic modified resin specially designed as intermediate coating. what is the meaning of intermediate coating? does it mean that one has to apply some other paint on roughtex as a final coat?

Yes. Intermediate coating implies that you need to apply either Apex or Apex Ultima, in the shade of your choice, above Apex Duracast Roughtex.

At a customer's house, there is a cemented water tank just by the side of building. recently on the upper side of the tank, cracks were noticed from where water leakage is happening. they have applied m-seal on the cracked portion and then painted it with apex ultima. temporarily, it was restored, after that a leakage found again. a dealer has advised that they use crack seal. can it be done?

Yes, SmartCare Crack Seal can be used for cracks upto 3mm width. But, in case the cracks are wider than 3mm, the use of Crack Seal is not advised. Also, if it is a continuous leakage, we advise the treatment to plug the source before any waterproofing products are applied. Crack Seal will only give a short relief in this case.

In a newly constructed house, wall putty is completed. can the customer apply primer on the interiors, and then then do painting after 2 months?

It is not advisable to apply Primer, and leave it for a long period of time (not more than 10-12 days). If it is applied and kept for a long time, then it will form a powder and lead into loss of adhesion to paint the film. Therefore, it is recommended to cover the primer with Top Coat within the shortest possible time i.e after drying of primer. In case wherein putty is applied earlier, one can apply Primer and 1 coat of Finished Paint and wait for 2 months. Post that, light sanding and finish paint (2-3 coats) can be applied.

A customer has applied 3 coats of royale shyne on the inner walls of his/her home. now to make the colour more deep and shining, he/she wishes to give 2 more coats of the same colour. but after applying 3 coats already, 20 days have passed. can the customer give the extra 2 coats (4 and 5th coats) on the inner walls even after 25 to 30 days?

One can apply additional coats after 15-20 days, but surface needs to be sanded properly with sand paper 320. However, additional coats may not give a deeper shade. Probably, one need to use darker shade for the same.

A bedroom has problems like paint peeling, darker patches of colour etc., after being primed in order to apply emulsion. can interior damp block be applied on the primed surface?

SmartCare Damp Block can be applied. However, the surface condition is very important before applying Dampblock, and also, the source of the leakage. In case the plaster is loose, one needs to re-plaster the surface, and then Dampblock can be applied covering the extra area (atleast 1 feet) from all sides. However, in case there is a bathroom attached, leakage from a pipe or the drainage system needs to be fixed, or it will accelerate the problem further.

Why can't asian paints start making mosquito repellant paint? as per science, mixing essential oil or pyrethrin or garlic or chinnamin oil extract can help avoid mosquitoes. so, if any one of the above are included into paint, it means one can have "mosquito-proof paint".

Thank you for your suggestion and enthusiasm to help us better our products, and address consumers needs. In fact, this is an idea we have been evaluating for some time now, and we would definitely bring it out to the market when we have the right product with us. The only drawback here is that with time, insects or living organisms become immune to such anti-insect additives and develop a resistance to the product. To make this claim in the product, we would have to be very sure of its performance. We are working on it and many other innovations as of now. Once again, it is great to see such enthusiasm from consumers such as you. This motivates us to bring out the best in front of our customers.

A local contractor did not remove the earlier paint i.e. the local cement paint which was there on the walls, and he did not remove the dust which was accumulated on the walls of the house. he painted over it with asian paints apex. can the two factors affect affect the life of the paint?

Ideally, the old paint is to be scraped off, and then a coat of Exterior primer is to be applied before application of Apex. If Primer is not applied, and the earlier paint was a cement paint, chances are paint peeling off are on a higher side.

Can sprayers be used instead of rollers for a fast and uniform finish?

Yes, spraying instead of rolling will definitely give better finish, however mist formation in air and skill required to spray the paint is very critical. One needs to take care of covering/masking, choosing right spraying equipment and skilled applicator for chieving right finish.

What are the instructions or methods for safe disposal of used paint containers?

We don't have any process to dispose the used container. Typically, it is given to the Plastic garbage collector, who in turn sells it to a plastic recycle agency.

How should i calculate the quantity of paint required if paint coverage and total surface area of the room is known?

You can calculate the quantity of paint required with the following: Total litres of paint required = Total Surface area (in square feet) X Number of coats / Coverage of paint (square feet per litre).

Often, there can be some loose powder present over the tile surface, or loosening of powder from the tile surface and shading of the tiles. is there any suitable water-based colourless primer for gypsum tiles?

One can use Exterior Sealer or Primero for the same followed by any water-based Topcoat. However, one needs to check adhesion of the same on gypsum tiles post application.

Which paint should be used for painting kitchens and bathrooms - enamel paint with a matt finish or royale shyne which have already used for other rooms?

One can use both Enamel-based or Water-based paints. In Solvent-based paints, one can use Premium Satin Enamel. In Water-based paints, one can use any of the following - Royale/Royale Shyne/Premium Semi Gloss Enamel.

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