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What is Asian Paints Ezy Color Service?

With Asian Paints Home Painting Services we offer a complete painting service called Asian Paints Ezy color service where we provide expert consultation about our products and services. We undertake complete painting jobs from start to finish. Our painters and contractors are trained to provide only the best finish.

Our Asian paints Associate will visit & inspect your house. He will suggest the products you could use & provide a rough estimate based on the products and the surface to be painted i.e. the pre-painting procedure that needs to be carried out. After you have agreed upon an estimate, our trained applicators shall take care of the entire painting process.

What are the benefits?

You will be visited by our Authorised Representative, who will guide you on product and shade selection.  He will suggest products that will match your finish as well as other requirements. Our Authorised Service Provider, home delivers the material. The Complete Painting system, including Wall Putty, Primer, and Paint, will be provided by us.

All in all it is a no hassle, easy painting solution offered by India's largest paint company. We ensure project execution happens on time. In addition to post-painting any dissatisfaction is also taken care of through our Helpline number 1800-209-5678

How can one register for Ezy Color service?

You may contact us at:

Phone - 1800-209-5678, anytime between 08:00 am to 08:00 pm, Monday to Sunday

SMS - “PAINT” to 56161

Email - customercare@asianpaints.com


Why are the payment terms so strict?

Material accounts for a very large percentage of our costs. We will also incur a cost in terms of our paint supervisors visiting your site. These expenses would need to be recovered. Our Authorized Service Providers receive their payment only on completion of the project to your satisfaction. You can be rest assured that the painting job will be executed to your satisfaction.

Does asian paints also assist for shifting of furniture and covering before painting starts?

We cover the floor, furniture, doors, windows, cupboards, etc. with plastic sheets, before we start painting to prevent any damage during the painting process. Our team will also help you shift the furniture.

Who will paint my house?

We have a panel of contractors, and painters who are trained by us with respect to our product range. Our painters are trained to ensure that the correct application procedures are followed. They are also trained in textured and specialty paint finishes.

After the painting work is over, would asian paints be cleaning up the home?

Yes, we will do the post painting clean-up for your home and will leave your home clean and beautifully painted.

What are the tools used during painting and how will they benefit me?

Our Asian Paints Associates will be using tools for superior finish such as mechanized painting tools, scientific site evaluation through moisturemeters, accurate measurement through laser based digital distancemeters, covering and masking of furniture through masking films, express and superior sanding through electric sanders, dust extraction through vacuum cleaners, faster and superior painting through Telescopic roller. The Associate will share the details, when he visits the site.