FAQs - Stencils

Frequently asked questions on stencils

Can you use spray paint with stencils?

We would not recommend using spray paints with stencils because spray paints are not viscous enough to get sharp imprints.

Is stencil paint washable?

We recommend usage of Asian Paints Royale paints  which are washable. It finally depends upon the type of paint that you will be using.

What tools are recommended while using stencils?

We would recommend using Asian Paints Smartcare Multipurpose Roller 700

How to use stencil?

Here are the steps to apply a stencil.

1. Base Preparation

After Plaster & Cleaning, Dent Filling & Primer (DECOPRIME CEMENT PRIMER (ST) / DECOPRIME CEMENT PRIMER (WT)) application, apply 2 coat of PREMIUM EMULSION as a basecoat

2. Stencil Application

Place the stencil on the desired area using masking tape and apply 2 coats of Emulsion on the stencil

3. Finishing Step

Fine tune the Stencils design using 0.5 in./1 in./2in. brush