San Assure - Disinfection and Sanitization

Safety and sanitization are starting to become the highest priority. The need to live and work in a clean and safe environment has never been more significant. Our daily sweeping and vacuum cleaning can only help so much. It can’t provide the effective sanitization that one requires in the time of a pandemic. Introducing Asian Paints San Assure and San Assure Pro services - the perfect solution for sanitization. It kills harmful germs using quality equipment and materials, while following stringent safety protocols.

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What is Asian Paints San Assure service?

Asian Paints San Assure is a one-stop sanitization service that helps make your homes, offices, shops, commercial establishments, restaurants, schools and other spaces safe and hygienic. Our service is executed by a pair of experts who visit your home, cover your electronic items and use professional mechanized tools to sanitize your space. We follow stringent safety protocols at best-in-class rates. We have 3 types of sanitization plans that you can choose from:

a) San Assure

b) San Assure+

c) San Assure Advanced

How can I register for Asian Paints San Assure Service?

You can register by filling the form at or calling us at 1800-209-5678.

Which areas are covered in the service?

San Assure

This service is used for hard surfaces, such as door knobs, door handles, keys, TV units, dining tables, metal/plastic chairs, laptops & iPads*, mobile phones*, switch boards & light switches*, remote controls*, etc. *Do not use it on electrical fittings, food items, hot surfaces or near an open flame. Liquids should not enter electrical switches or fuses.

San Assure+

All types of hard and soft surfaces like metal, wood, plastic, glass, fabrics, leather, concrete walls and tiles.

San Assure Advanced

Masonry, wood and metal surfaces.

Do I need to vacate the room during sanitization?

Yes, except the applicator, there should not be any other person in the room.

Which equipment and materials are used at the site?

San Assure

Products we use are Viroprotek Space Sanitizer & Disinfectant with UHH Sprayer or Viroprotek 200 Universal Spray Sanitizer (In-Built Sprayer) or Viroprotek Advance Universal Sanitizer (In-Built Sprayer)

San Assure+

Products we use are Nanova Hygiene + Multi-Surface Self-Protecting Nano-Coating and tools are UHH Sprayer, felt roller and a brush.

San Assure Advanced

Products we use are RHS Clear Gloss & RHS Clear Sheen [only difference is sheen level] or RHS Asthma & Allergy Friendly (AAF) and tools are brush, roller & UHH sprayer.

What are the features of Asian Paints San Assure Service?

San Assure

·       Kills harmful germs

·       60 mins quick service*

·       Trained experts

·       Special focus on high-frequency touch areas

·       Usage of products from the house of Asian Paints

·       Executed with stringent safety protocols 

·       Issue a sanitization certificate

San Assure+

·       Protects from harmful germs for 3 months 

·       Trained experts and supervision

·       Special focus on high-frequency touch areas

·       Executed with stringent safety protocols 

·       Issue a sanitization certificate

San Assure Advanced

·       Kills harmful germs, issuance of sanitization certificate

·       Provides anti-bacterial warranty for 2 years

·       Issuance of product warranty 

·       Trained experts and supervision

·       Executed with stringent safety protocols 

·       Special focus on high-frequency touch areas

How much time does it take to complete the sanitization service?

Timelines may vary depending on actual site. For a 2-BHK home with 800 sq. ft. area, it will take 60 minutes for San Assure, 4 hrs for San Assure+ and 2 to 3 days for San Assure Advanced.

Why should I go for San Assure Pro?

The San Assure Pro sanitization service offered by Asian Paints allows you to have a highly customized plan, as per your requirements. We follow stringent safety protocols and use high-quality, FDA-approved products that can kill 99.9% of the germs. Our special mechanized equipment offer a completely contactless service with a quick turnaround.

How can I register for Asian Paints San Assure Pro Service?

You can register by filling the form at or by calling us at 1800-209-5678. You can also give a missed call on: 9029002020 or send a message: “SanAssurePro” to 56161. 

Our team will get back to you for your requirements. 

Which segments is San Assure Pro available for?

San Assure Pro Service is available across all segments: 

  • Residential societies

  • Corporates and factories

  • Hotels 

  • Educational institutions / schools / institutes / colleges / universities

  • Hospitals

  • Religious institutions

  • New buildings and fresh constructions 

  • Government offices

What are the plans available in San Assure Pro?

We offer multiple plans ensuring high safety and faster delivery, with advanced mechanized tools such as Graco 490, Graco GX 19, ULV Fogger and Graco Ultra Handheld Sprayer. We use high-quality, FDA-approved products, such as Viroprotek Max and Viroprotek Surface Sanitizers. The plans available under San Assure Pro are: 


Gold Plan: 

  • A regular sanitization plan that offers service on a daily, weekly, monthly or bi-monthly basis

  • It is a flexible plan at an affordable price

  • Spaces to be sanitized: 

  • Large, open and continuous spaces of the society, such as walls up to 7 ft.

  • Terraces and podiums


Platinum Plan:

  • A comprehensive sanitization plan that offers service on a daily, weekly, monthly or bi-monthly basis

  • It is a fully customizable plan at an affordable price

  • Spaces to be sanitized -

  • Walls up to 7 ft. (doors and windows included)

  • Staircases (handrails and landings included)

  • Any specific requirements, such as parking spaces and other areas

  • Lifts and lift buttons

  • Other common touch points like door knobs, handles, switch boards, tabletops, taps, etc.

What is the difference between San Assure and San Assure Pro?

San Assure is a santization service ideal for small spaces. We cover areas such as homes/apartments, shops, showrooms, etc. in this service.

San Assure Pro is a sanitization service launched for large spaces. This service caters to housing societies, corporates, factories, educational institutions, builders, religious institutions, etc.

**800 sq ft

  * confirmed as tested in a lab