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Safety and sanitization is starting to become the highest priority! The need to live and work in a clean and safe environment has never been more significant. Our daily sweeping and vacuum cleaning can help us only so much; it can’t provide us the effective sanitization that one requires in the times of a pandemic. Introducing Asian Paints San Assure: a perfect solution to sanitization: It promises to kill 99.9% of the harmful germs using quality equipment and material while following stringent safety protocols.


To sanitize your place, please give a missed call at 9642622222


Get your space sanitized by professionals

Fill the form below to book a free site evaluation by an Asian Paints San Assure Service expert.



Get Expert Home Painting Service

Get end to end safe and hassle-free painting experience with Asian Paints Safe Painting Service.


What is Asian Paints San Assure Service?

Asian Paints San Assure is a one stop sanitizing service that shall help you make your home, office, shops, commercial establishments, restaurants, schools etc space safe and hygienic. Our service is executed by a pair of experts who will visit your home, cover your electronic item and use professional mechanized tools to spray space and surface disinfectants which shall kill all harmful germs. All of this shall be done following stringent safety protocols at best in class rates

How can one register for Asian Paints San Assure Service?

You can register yourself by filling up the form at or calling us at 1800-209-5678.

Which all areas will be covered in the service?

Entire area of the home or commercial space will be covered in the service.

Will I need to vacate the room during sanitization?

Yes, our disinfectants have a drying time of 30 mins hence one needs to vacate the room for atleast 30mins before you can enter.

What are the equipment and materials you will use at site?

·        Viroprotek Space Sanitizer & Disinfectant

·        Ultra Hand Help Sprayer (UHH)

·      Covering and Masking Material

·      Protective gear

What are the features of Asian Paints San Assure Service?

·        Kill 99.9% Germs

·        60 mins Quick Service*

·        Trained Experts

·        Special Focus for High frequency touch areas

·        Usage of products from the House of Asian Paints

 ·       Follow stringent Safety Protocols 

·        Issue a Sanitisation Certificate

** –for 800 sqft.   
*  confirmed as tested in lab.