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Out in the hills, an hour’s drive away from Mumbai, maestro Shankar Mahadevan’s holiday home is a treat for the soul.


Set in the countryside next to a rushing stream, this home hits the right notes on so many levels: there’s room for the family, there’s room for guests, and there’s room for his pets. As Shankar notes, this privilege of space and room is something he loves about homes outside the city.

Colour and texture are used in bold strokes across the home, pointing to the musician’s love for experimentation and his courage for playing with strong ideas: murals on the wall and deep colours come together to create a very unique setting for this home. In his words, “playing with decor is much like playing with music: you can get it wrong, but that shouldn’t stop you from playing.”

A split level home as this brings in a lot of light and air, two prized possessions Shankar and wife Shalini can’t get enough of. Wide terraces lead out from bedrooms on the upper level, while manicured gardens are accessible from the ground level. The jewel in the crown is clearly the rushing stream that runs alongside the rear edge of the property, and gazebos and sitting areas along this edge give the family multiple ways to enjoy the sounds and the sights that this stream brings.

Shankar Mahadevan’s holiday home is a true reflection of his work in music — bold, beautiful and nuanced in just the right way.


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