Where the heart is

Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla, on Where The Heart Is.

Asian Paints Where The Heart Is enters the home of the imaginative and incredibly creative duo, Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, who take us through their favourite spaces and musings.

The heart of an artist is but a tangle of wild imaginings and rhythmic chaos. It’s 'method in the madness’ as Sandeep Khosla and Abu Jani describe their vintage Goa home to us. The house, which was restored by the pair from a state of absolute disrepair, is now an incredible reflection of the musings and indulgences of the charming twosome.

As is typical with colonial Portuguese houses, this alluring abode has tall ceilings and wide spaces, which proves to be the ideal canvas for interior home décor ideas to be expressed. All things floral are an inspiration to Abu and Sandeep and this is evident from the number of floral-themed installations across their house. What really caught our eye were the waterlily lamps that adorn a part of the ceiling. Spirituality also plays an important part in the interior décor design inspirations of this home. Little angels scale up an entire wall, announcing those who enter, while a thematic painting of Shrinathji makes for a perfect conversation starter. The most imposing artefact in a home full of exquisite collectibles is the wooden sculpture of Narsimha that is stationed in such a manner that it creates an innovative partition in one of the rooms.

Cinema has been another great source of inspiration for Abu and Sandeep. Their bespoke dining table is constructed with laser discs of movies that have found a new purpose. The movie viewing room is surrounded by ceiling high collections of nearly a thousand titles, from across a choice of genres. Even the photographs that adorn their walls were shot in the same house in which ‘The King’s Speech’ was filmed. Such is their love for cinema.

For Abu and Sandeep an ideal home is about quirky collectibles, indulgence, a sprinkle of luxury and the very essence of India. India has inspired their work through the years and forms an integral part of their artistic collections within this wonderful home. For Abu and Sandeep, this is where the heart is.

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method in the madness

Sandeep's advice for home decor? Embrace the chaos, but find the method in the madness

make a statement

As with their designs on cloth, Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla love the idea of making a bold statement with their home


Find meaning as you see fit: repurpose items, objects and art to fit the decor of your home; there's more than one purpose for everything around us :)


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