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Kalki Koechlin, on Where The Heart Is.

Asian Paints Where The Heart Is explores the easy indulgences and choices that make Kalki's beautiful interior home design truly enchanting.

From a bike trip through the mountains to a lazy afternoon stretched out on a surf board, Kalki finds herself at home in and around her Pondicherry home. Acquired in 2011, the house has attracted the Koechlins with its strong reflection of Tamil Nadu’s rich cultural wealth. From the windows to the sheets and even the timbered furnishings, here’s a peaceful abode one would naturally associate with a home to escape to.

1. Kalki’s beautiful interior home design greets you with traditional pillars, which are native to several Tamilian homes. The doors are made of recycled teakwood that expand tomake the perfect ambience. The modest décor in the bedroom keeps the simplicity consistent. In here a wooden cupboard opens to reveal the garbs of a free-spirited teenager who Kalki loves switching back to, while her photo album reminisces her toddler days. She still enjoys sipping her morning cup of coffee by the little kitchen that has its own serving counter.

This home design has been an open canvas for Kalki; one that allows improvisation and the flexibility to accommodate more, which is why she prefers to keep the home décor sparse and still with utmost historical relevance. In addition to being a film and theatre actor, she especially enjoys her poetry slams and the veranda on the upper deck of her home serves as a perfect stage for her performances.

The house is surrounded with a serene coconut grove that is inviting for an evening stroll. Not too far away is the surfing school where Kalki hones her surfing skills. Her cat ‘Dosa’ and her motorcycle are her companions who help her reconnect with herself in this beautiful private paradise in Pondicherry. It’s here that Kalki has truly discovered where the heart is.

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connected to your roots

Kalki's home is a tribute to the traditional architecture and style prevalent in old Tamilnadu.

uncluttered space

Kalki prefers peace and quiet, and a physical space that is uncluttered leads to a peaceful mental space.

let the light in

Kalki prefers peace and quiet, and a physical space that is uncluttered leads to a peaceful mental space.


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