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Mandira Bedi, on Where The Heart Is

Space is a luxury, says Mandira Bedi, as she walks us through her beautiful home in Mumbai's Bandra. Built in levels, built across decades, and built with love, her home is a treat to be invited to. Watch Mandira on episode 1 of Asian Paints Where The Heart Is.

Coming from a rented single-room accommodation to a spacious home has been an inspiring journey for Mandira. Her inspirations are etched on every wall of her new home, which is affectionately called RaMa, a blend of her name and that of her husband, Raj. Their home is welcoming, innovative and very colourful, reflecting the vibrant personalities who dwell in it.

Mandira’s keen eye for interior design and consistency of patterns is reflected from the way her home is designed and furnished. The use of wrought iron in the making of the gates, the dining set and even the lamp shades tells of how meticulously consistent the interior home décor is. In the seating area, Mandira takes special effort to ensure that the upholstery on her couches matches the shades of the painting that hangs right above. Mandira’s love for art and colours is reflected in a heart-warming poster that she painted for Raj on their fifteenth anniversary. It’s themed around ‘Sholay’ and has the couple playing the inseparable protagonists.

Each space in the house expresses its own unique charm. Her couches surround an elegant coffee table while a fixed bar occupies a corner of the living room and is accompanied by a set of tall bar stools. Between each storey, Mandira has innovatively utilized the staircase walls and the landing areas. While the former hosts a collection of photographic memories, the landings let in natural light through asymmetrical windows, each with some special memorabilia.

Her collection of books offer a mix of bestsellers across genres – from spiritual texts to the Potter series and even books on parenting, which seem to have run their course. Her son Vir’s room is cosy and has beautiful sketches of his toddlerhood as well as more recent photographs of him.

From an irregularly shaped piece of land to a cosy, comfortable home that houses one of television’s favourite couples, for Mandira Bedi, RaMa is truly where the heart is.

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Style guide

own the space

Mandira's home shows how the eccentricities of your space can be used to your advantage.

art as a root for decor

Mandira's picks her colours based on the dominant piece of art in the room. A simple yet powerful thought.

synergy, not just order

Everything in Mandira's home is built around synergy, not simply around order.


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