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Pernia Qureshi, on Where The Heart Is

Pernia Qureshi’s interior home design radiates the positivity that complements her stylish personality. From an expansive living room that is awash with natural light to a more personal, confined make-up room, she takes us through her favourite spaces and shows us some of her favourite interior home design styles.


At first blush, one would imagine that all the furnishing has been custom-picked to reside in this Mumbai apartment, but it isn’t so. Pernia tells us that the furniture has travelled all the way from her previous home in Delhi and has meticulously made itself at home here. An expansive couch stretches across the length of the living room, complete, with cosy cushions and enough room to accommodate several guests. A collection of framed photographic memories occupies the most noticeable corners in Pernia’s home. They include photographs of her parents, her childhood and fond memories that she loves to travel back to.

Her love for neutral colours on and off ramp, adds to the subtle radiance of the walls as they reflect the brilliant streams of natural light, thus uplifting the mood. The dining area consists of a neatly set dining table, laid out with delectable baked goodies and also doubles up as a workstation. It’s here that Pernia finds solace to work on her designs.

Pernia’s make-up room is what every girl’s fantasies are made of. She spends a significant amount of time here, trying out garments, including her own creations, and taking her choicest pick from an excellent spread of footwear. She pampers herself by capturing her ready-to-step-out look at an exclusive corner that is reserved only for selfies. Thanks to her sociable attitude, Pernia often finds herself here getting ready to step out and shine.

Pernia tells us that she picked this spacious home from among thirty other apartments. Today, she truly calls it home and has truly discovered where the heart is.

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Style guide

emphasis on neutrals

Clean white walls opens up and brightens the space.

simple and elegant

White and beige textures gives the house a very warm and welcoming feeling

personalize your space

An all too-often missed idea, Pernia looks for photographs that call out to a different era


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