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Rana Daggubati, on Where The Heart Is

Rana's style choices are as bold as they're quirky. His home is defined by bold lines, defined spaces, function blending with form. Watch Rana open up his home and his heart in episode 2 of Asian Paints Where The Heart Is.

An aficionado of stories told well, Rana Daggubati’s abode is a spacious home that overlooks a scenic landscape. His house is adorned by collectibles, memorabilia and inspiring self-recycled bar accessories that speak of the man and his simple, yet practical choices.

Rana lives with his parents and siblings in a beautifully designed Hyderabad home. His love for storytelling is reflected in the many memorabilia and dedicated spaces he has reserved in his house. His home comprises of a large living space that is compartmentalized, devoid partitions and walls. An entertainment corner forms a significant part and is equipped with a projector and comfortable seats where Rana spends hours, binge-viewing his choicest selections.

The reading area is right next to it and it’s here that you’d catch Rana in solitude, absorbed in the pages of his books. The seating here is contemporary and fashioned with seats that resemble tree barks and are seemingly cosy to settle in for hours of reading.

The bar area is reserved for social interactions and is designed with a central counter taking up most of the space. The bar is adorned by self-made recycled glasses and mugs that have been fashioned by Rana himself, with nothing but some fire and string.

Rana prides himself with a rather curious piece of furniture that resembles nothing more than a black fabric stretched across a diagonal frame that could oftentimes been mistaken for a minimalist speaker. It comes to pass that this is a rather comfortable chair that assumes the shape of the person seated on it. His office steals the show with a spread of books ranging from the Rig Veda to Gotham Comics to a copy of The Blaft Anthology of Tamil Pulp Fiction!

One wouldn’t imagine the gracious subtlety and minimalism in the interior home designs of one of cinema’s most imposing characters. Such are the secrets one unravels when they truly discover where the heart is.

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bold lines

Rana prefers bold lines that draw your eye, allowing the space to fall into defined spaces.

defined spaces

Rana prefers bold lines that draw your eye, allowing the space to fall into defined spaces.

walls for inspirations

Rana prefers bold lines that draw your eye, allowing the space to fall into defined spaces.


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