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mini mathur and kabir khan, on Where The Heart Is, Season 2 It takes two to tango and this beautiful couple sure knows how to! Indian television host Mini Mathur and film director Kabir Khan have designed their house & painted the walls with love. Experience, with Asian Paints Where The Heart Is, the beautifully designed interiors of their house which is open to all and exudes 'happy'.

Asian Paints Where The Heart Is takes you into the most beautiful homes of some of your favourite people. But this one which belongs to Mini Mathur and Kabir Khan is our most favourite. Do you want to know why?

Imagine this: you wake up to bird songs, having your morning cuppa in the courtyard with blooming bougainvillea and Santorini-like seating with mosaic floor and the company of an adorable husky called Blue Khan (who looks more like Sher Khan from Jungle Book) with the warmest, most charming family.

Pause. Rewind. Sounds like a vacation home, right? Wrong. This is Mini Mathur and Kabir Khan’s magnificent, warm, earthy home In Mumbai.

And you gulp and wonder if this is even possible in this city? And Mini will make you believe so from the word go.

A team that works in perfect tandem (with Mini taking most of the decisions and blaming the bad ones on Kabir), they have done the beautiful interiors themselves and did not rely on the architect or designer. Both having grown up in Delhi, this ‘aangan feel’ to their home and an open kitchen takes its cues from their Delhi influence. Big time travellers, their house speaks volumes of their love for Greece and takes inspirations from wherever they have travelled. From coloured chandeliers to sofas from Bali made of bamboo roots, even though the décor is a mix of lil-bit-of-everything, nothing seems out of place. It all fits in.

Mini has fearlessly re-invented herself and it reflects in her decisions about the home as well where she is not scared of picking up the brush and painting a wall or going to any length to carry back a delicate chandelier from their travels. Kabir, with the kind of movies he is known for, seems like an outdoor adventure sort of a guy but surprises you with his taste in décor, hospitality and love for home.

This house, which is actually made of two apartments, is an amalgamation of two very different backgrounds (she is a ‘Mathur’ and he has Hyderabadi roots) as well as a reflection of their companionship, adding to the light and life of what they call their dream home.

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