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Monica Dogra, on Where The Heart Is, Season 2 Musician and actor Monica Dogra has chosen and designed her home to be of a Sufi soul. People come and go and leave a piece of their heart in this unusual two-storey house which is up next on Asian Paints Where The Heart Is.

The myriad lanes of Bandra carry dilapidated façade of people and homes from the outside. But inside is a living being full of history and stories. Asian Paints takes you into one such home of one of India’s upcoming musicians and actor Monica Dogra. The first floor house is situated precariously in the posh yet overwhelming oldest residential areas of Bandra , which almost reminds us of European cobbled lanes and a lane stuck in time, almost.

White muslin curtains and green plants make for a serene living room along with interesting memorabilia collected from all over the country and some even gifted by fellow musicians who have visited her, make up this space.

The cramped stairs lead to an ‘attic-ey’ bedroom which screams out ‘artiste in the house’ with its walls from which wallpaper has been carefully peeled off to give it distressed look and old wardrobes and a small window keeping all the privacy of the bedroom intact. This floor also has a small terrace which opens up to whole sky and moon at night and gives a feeling of owning a patch of sky temporarily.

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He has broken rules of records and stardom but he prefers living with his parents just like any other traditional Chennai family. It is his comfort zone where he is Anirudh the son and not the music prodigy that he is known to be. Is this where his heart is? Find out all about Anirudh Ravichander as he opens his home for the very first time to Asian Paints Where The Heart Is.

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