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zoya akhtar, on Where The Heart Is, Season 2 Zoya Akhtar, the inexplicably talented film maker and lover of all things honest, opens up her breezy sea-side home to Asian Paints. Her world resides in the movies. Find out how her home brings out the best in one of India’s finest storytellers, Zoya Akhtar next on Asian Paints Where The Heart Is.

Behind the quotidian steel gate in Bandstand is enclosed a well-kept secret like Narnia. Enter and behold – the World of Zoya Akhtar. Her home speaks of a world that she has travelled, of the literary greats around whom she grew up but most importantly the warmth and heart that she exudes as a person.

As she tells Asian Paints, Zoya Akhtar is an extremely house-proud person, the house reflects inherited literary history and at the same time it is the simplest things like her dogs and the envious collection of DVDs that give joy to this cerebral filmmaker. It is a sanctuary where she roams around unguarded and a space that enables her creative process.

The ubiquitous white walls are there for a reason so that she can colour it with art and her imagination. Natural elements like wood and stone are the dominant textures that one can see in this bespoke house. The furniture and furnishings have been collected and acquired over time and travels.

The most unique part of the house and our favourite is the breathtaking piece of verdant green patch. In the chaos called Mumbai, this breathes a zen-garden like feel to it (Zen also happens to be the name of one of her adorable dogs, the other one is called Boogie!). What hits you most is the positivity in this space and it is to the credit of Zoya’s mother who has the green thumb in the family.

The house, which has undergone several changes and has literally grown up with her, is made of fond memories and stories.

It is said that each man creates his own heaven – this one, all light and sea, is Zoya’s. And this is where her heart is. Find out with this episode of Asian Paints Where The Heart Is.

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