Where the heart is
masaba and neena gupta, Where The Heart Is, Season 3 Honesty and authenticity defines the home and life of one of India’s most loved designers Masaba Gupta and her fearless mother who is also a truly remarkable actor, Neena Gupta. Their sense of aesthetics is a 100% match and lends to one of the most beautiful spaces that Asian Paints ‘Where The Heart Is’ has taken you to. Get ready to be wowed by a symphony of cherished memories and a mirror of the people who live in it, the home of Masaba and Neena Gupta.

You are welcomed into love and light by the ethereal Neena Gupta in her Juhu apartment. There has never been a need for Neena Gupta to fit in and she seems to do it effortlessly. It breathes freshness with its plants, open balconies and her love for everything white. Even the wooden pieces here have been painted white but all of it somehow fits right in.

Masaba said somewhere in her early interviews - ‘Collect your scars and build them into something beautiful’ and this sunshine home is testament to it. They eat, laugh, gossip together, and the mother-daughter bond shines through it all. Neena ji, as Masaba fondly addresses her, is quite a reticent soul, humble and inspiring in all her conversations.

Their home has some cherished memories hung on the wall as art or even installations, like an antique ‘chaukhat’ serves as a frame for a lone brush gifted by none other than M.F. Hussain to Neena Gupta. They believe in sensing the good energy or vibe of the place and this one reflects it. Due to this proximity to the famous Juhu beach, the salty air wisps throughout the home.

Their friendly banter over the placement of microwave in the dining area is worth everything in this episode of Asian Paints ‘Where The Heart Is’. They have chosen thrones in the house and reign supreme in their area of work, recognized after so many years of hard work and perseverance.

Living life on their own terms seems like a bold statement. But it can be difficult and almost an expectation from self. Our season 3 guests’ Masaba and Neena Gupta are built of an audacious tenacity that is unheard of and you will fall in love with it and them (if you haven’t already) as you navigate through their home and their life journey in this episode of Asian Paints ‘Where The Heart Is’.

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