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Modern Bathroom Colour Combinations


The bathroom space is an important part of the house to maintain hygiene and sanitation. A bathroom is used multiple times throughout the day by the members of the family. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a feeling of privacy and comfort in your bathroom space to have a fulfilling experience every time.

Using the right bathroom colour combinations will help to elevate your bathroom space to a new dimension. It is important to select the right bathroom paint colours to match the tiles and decor of your bathroom space. We are going to look at 10 bathroom colour ideas to elevate your bathroom space with a refreshing look.

1.  White Bathroom Colour with a Hue of Blue

White colour is the most suitable bathroom colour for interior paints since it can complement different bathroom colour combinations. Using a shade of white with a hue of blue can give the subtle effect of radiance and brightness to your bathroom. Use Cream Pudding colour (L108) from Asian Paints to give a perfect look to your bathroom. 

White Bathroom Colour with a Hue of Blue

2.  Pale White Bathroom Colour with a Hue of Green

Another way of using a white shade in bathroom colour designs is by including a hue of green in it. A pale white colour with a hue of green provides the ultimate sophistication that is needed for every bathroom to stand apart. Use Tranquil Green colour (8388) from Asian Paints to give a natural yet striking look to your bathroom.

Pale White Bathroom Colour with a Hue of Green

3.  Neutral Bathroom Paint Colours for a Soothing Effect

Neutral bathroom paint colours provide an eye-catching yet soothing effect to balance out the white colour used in bathroom decor items. Using a lighter shade of cool neutral as toilet colour can make your bathroom look more spacious and give a revitalizing effect to it. Use Cranberry Ice colour (7195) from Asian Paints to give a much-needed soothing effect to your bathroom.

Neutral Bathroom Paint Colours for a Soothing Effect

4.  Lighter Shade of Lavender for Bathroom Wall Colours

A lighter shade of lavender from the colour scheme of cool neutrals can be paired with white tiles and cabinets in the bathroom. Using lavender as a washroom colour will give an elegant look to your bathroom while providing a feeling of comfort. Use Lavender Hush colour (8219) from Asian Paints for bathroom colour schemes in your home. 

Lighter Shade of Lavender for Bathroom Wall Colours

5.  Refreshing Mint Green for Bathroom Wall Colour Ideas

Green colour has the potential to invoke feelings of refreshment, tranquillity, and peace. Using mint green colour in bathroom wall colour ideas can cast a healing glow with a subtle cool silence in your bathroom. Use Green Icicle (7515) from Asian Paints as your toilet colour to create a subtle yet powerful look for your bathroom. 


6.  Create a Contemporary Look with Shades of Cream

Most of the bathrooms in Indian households lack natural light since the windows are situated in the duct area of the building. Using cream bathroom colour from the paint catalogue can help to make your bathroom look brighter and more spacious in the absence of natural light. Use White Clay colour (8620) from Asian Paints to open up your bathroom space with a sense of lightness and fresh energy. 


7.  Teal Bathroom Colour Combinations for a Modern Look

A teal washroom colour will provide a modern look to your bathroom design. Pair the teal colour walls with cherry red or dark brown cabinets to create a unique and mesmerizing look for your bathroom. Use Ocean Breeze colour (7504) from Asian Paints to create a modern-style bathroom that provides a fulfilling effect every time. 


8.  Bathroom Wall Colours with Shades of Blue

The blue colour is synonymous with water which makes it a perfect choice to use in bathroom colour designs. Using blue colour with a combination of white bathroom decor will provide a sense of serenity to your bathroom. Use Blue Bay colour (7329) from Asian Paints to create a sublime and serene atmosphere during your bathroom experience.


9.  Lighter Shades of Purple for Bathroom Paint Ideas

Purple colour presents a sense of royalty and a feeling of being in a lavish environment that stimulates the mind. A lighter shade of purple for bathroom colour combinations can provide a harmonious balance with the same powerful effect of royalty. Use Misty Purple colour (7170) from Asian Paints to create a cool bathroom atmosphere with a touch of grandeur. 


10.  Brighter Bathroom Paint Colours for a Bold and Striking Look

If you want your bathroom to stand out with a striking appearance, then use bright bathroom colour schemes. You can use a bright shade of yellow as an accent wall that will complement the lighter shades of tiles and bathroom decor. Use Yellow Metal colour (7920) from Asian Paints to create an accent wall that will elevate the appearance of your bathroom.

Brighter Bathroom Paint Colours for a Bold and Striking Look

11.  Black and White Bathroom Color Schemes

Black and white is a classic and timeless combination for bathroom decor. It exudes elegance and sophistication, making it one of the top bathroom color suggestions. You can use black and white tiles, fixtures, and accessories to create a stunning contrast that works well in both modern and traditional bathrooms.



12.  Deep Green and Beige

Green wall color is associated with tranquility and nature, making it one of the calming bathroom colour ideas. Pair deep green with beige to create a soothing and earthy bathroom color scheme, offering a sense of serenity and relaxation.


Deep green and beige bathroom colour combination - Asian Paints

13.  Cherry Red and Bright White

For a bold and energizing bathroom color design, consider cherry red and bright white, an exciting choice among bathroom decor color ideas. This vibrant combination can add a pop of color and make your bathroom feel lively and dynamic.


Cherry red and white bathroom colour combination - Asian Paints

14.  Gray on Gray

A monochromatic gray bathroom can be sleek and modern, and it's one of the versatile bathroom colour design ideas. Different shades of gray, combined with white fixtures, can create a clean and contemporary look that suits various design preferences.


Simple grey bathroom colour combination - Asian Paints

15.  White and Wood Bathroom Color Scheme

White is a timeless choice that makes any space feel fresh and clean. Pair it with warm wood accents for a natural and inviting bathroom design, showcasing the enduring appeal of this classic bathroom color suggestion.



16.  Turquoise, Pink, and Gold

For a fun and playful bathroom color idea, consider combining turquoise, pink, and gold. This lively trio can give your bathroom a youthful and vibrant atmosphere, making it one of the creative bathroom colour ideas to explore.


Turquoise gold and pink black bathroom colour combination - Asian Paints

17.  Monochromatic Black

A monochromatic black bathroom color scheme can be bold and dramatic, offering a bold choice among bathroom decor color ideas. Black tiles, fixtures, and accessories can create a high-contrast and luxurious atmosphere. Be sure to balance the darkness with proper lighting.


Monochromatic black bathroom colour combination - Asian Paints

18.  Concrete and White

The industrial-chic look of concrete can be softened with white accents, providing a unique and contemporary choice among bathroom colour design ideas. This combination offers a clean and modern feel with a touch of urban elegance.


Concrete and white bathroom colour combination - Asian Paints

19.  Soft Ivory

Ivory is a gentle and soothing color choice for bathroom decor, reflecting one of the elegant bathroom colour ideas. It exudes warmth and complements various styles. Soft ivory walls and fixtures can create a serene and inviting ambiance.



20. Rugged Gray with Warm Wood Accents

If you prefer a more rustic or natural look, consider combining rugged gray with warm wood accents, a great option among bathroom color suggestions. Gray walls and tiles, when paired with wood vanities and shelving, can achieve a harmonious blend of modern and rustic elements.


Warm wood bathroom colour combination - Asian Paints



1. Which Bathroom Colours Should Be Avoided?

Darker shades of colours such as black and grey should be avoided for bathroom paint ideas. A bathroom with no access to natural light will look cramped with such bathroom paint colours.


2. How To Decorate Your Bathroom with Colour?

Decorate your bathroom by using contrasting bathroom colour ideas for your bathroom decor items. You can complement the colour of your bathtub, sink, towels, cabinets, and much more with the colour of bathroom walls and tiles.


3. What are the best colours for a small bathroom?

A cool neutral colour scheme is the best choice for small bathroom colours. Use lighter shades from Asian Paints bathroom colours such as white, cream, lavender, and blue for small bathroom colours to make your bathroom look more spacious. 


4. What colours are popular for bathrooms now?

Colours such as lighter shades of blue, earthy greens, beige, and neutral tones are popular for bathrooms. These bathroom colour ideas can be used to create a modern-looking bathroom as per the ongoing trend.


How can Asian Paints help you with choosing & applying the best bathroom colour combinations & waterproofing solutions?

Asian Paints Safe Painting Service provides expert bathroom waterproofing solutions to safeguard your bathroom against any kind of damage caused by water. Asian Paints provides supervised painting services that will help you to select the right bathroom colour ideas with quality execution from trained professionals. Schedule an appointment now to choose the right Asian Paints bathroom colour and safeguard your bathroom with waterproofing solutions.


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