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Drawing Room Colours

A drawing room holds the essence of a home, serving as the initial space encountered upon entering. The perfect living room interior design, along with carefully chosen drawing room paint colours can encapsulate the overall atmosphere of the entire house. This room holds significance as it accommodates both family members and guests, becoming a central hub of activity.

Opting for the right drawing room wall colour combinations holds the power to transform your space into an inviting and cosy haven. These well-chosen hues enhance your drawing room decor, allowing it to shine brilliantly. Let's explore eight drawing room colours that will infuse this essential space with an enticing and captivating aura, elevating it to the forefront of your home's ambience.

Drawing Room Colours for Every Mood & Personality 


1.  Brilliant Drawing Room Wall Colour Combination of Yellow, White & Green

Give a bright and striking appearance to your drawing room by using a yellow colour shade for the walls paired with an off-white colour for the ceiling. You can match these drawing room paint colours by selecting green colour decor items such as sofas, curtains, indoor plants, and much more. Use Burnished Sun colour (7919) and White Satin colour (L119) from Asian Paints for the drawing room wall colour combination.


Colour Combination of Yellow, White & Green

2.  Shades of Red and White for Drawing Room Painting Ideas

Using red colour in the right proportion can provide a vibrant and effervescent look to your drawing room. Use the combination of red and white for drawing room paint colours to create a modern look for your drawing room. Use Coral Cave (8030) from Asian Paints drawing room colour and match it with a cream colour decor to create the best colour combination for the drawing room.


3.  Drawing Room Colour Design with Teal and Green Shades

Shades of teal and green colour can provide a soothing, warm, and peaceful effect to your drawing room. You can match these drawing room colour combinations with a contrasting colour decor with darker shades of blue. Use Emerald Satin colour (7502) and Young Boy Blue colour (7330) from the Asian Paints interior colour combination catalogue.

Colour Design with Teal and Green Shades

4.  Cream and Brown Drawing Room Colour Combinations

Using an appropriate shade of cream for the drawing room wall colour can instantly give a bright and refreshing look to your living room design. Use can match the cream colour shade with wooden furniture to create a pleasant drawing room colour scheme. Use Thick Cream (7860) from Asian Paints drawing room colours to create a subtle yet remarkable drawing room colour design.


5.  Teal and Orange as Two Colour Combination for Drawing Room Walls

Create a unique-looking accent wall with orange colour to complement the ocean of teal colour in your drawing room. The orange colour accent wall will create a perfect complementary look to station your furniture such as a sofa or a dining table beside it. Use Orange Vision colour (X110) and Baby Aqua colour (7570) as the best colour combination for the drawing room.


Teal and Orange as Two Colour Combination


6.  Beige and Purple Drawing Room Colour Scheme

Create subtle eye-catching accents of purple by combining it with beige drawing room wall colour. Using purple colour in decor items such as sofa pillows, vases, and curtains can give a new dimension of look to the cream drawing room wall colour. Use Puppy Love (3203) for a drawing room colour combination from Asian Paints to create a new dimensional look.


7.  Olive Green & Cream as Two Colour Combination for Drawing Room Walls

Create an earthy look by using olive green and cream for drawing room colour combinations. The drawing room colours of olive green and cream will give a feeling of being in the vicinity of nature. Use Olive Path (7622) and Cream (0307) from the Asian Paints interior colour combination catalogue to create the ambience of nature in your drawing room.


8.  The shade of Purple & White for the Drawing Room Wall Colour Combination

Purple can be the best colour for the drawing room if you want to create a royal and lavish look for your living space. Drawing room painting ideas with purple colour on the walls and white colour on the ceiling can create a mesmerising look for your drawing room. Use Intense Purple colour (7166) and Iceland colour (0763) for a drawing room colour combination from Asian Paints.

Take inspiration from more wall colour combinations!


The shade of Purple & White for the Drawing Room

Living Room Paint Design Based on Themes


1. Create an Ocean Theme Living Room Paint Design

Bring the energy of the ocean into your hall paint design by introducing shades of teal colour that will recreate a soothing yet immeasurable effect. Select a single shade of teal colour such as Pleasant Blue for the living room paint design. You can take a step further and complement the teal colour shade with contrasting décor that reflects the vibe of the ocean. Complement the teal colour hall paint design with an olive green sofa, light blue cabinets, and a light green rug.

2. Use Shades of Purple to Bring Elegance to Your Hall Paint Design

Using shades of purple colour for living room design can create a sense of luxury and royalty in your living room space. Select an eye-pleasing shade of purple such as Reverie for the hall paint design to create an elegant look on the living room walls. Pair the purple drawing room paint with a beige colour sofa and a rug with a darker shade of purple. You can also complement the purple drawing room paint with a dark brown coffee table in the centre.

3. Recreate Nature with Green Wall Painting Ideas for Living Room

Introduce the warm and grounding feeling of nature into your living room design with the use of an appropriate shade of green colour. Select a rich shade of green such as Batik Green to create an engrossing living room wall colour design that will make you feel closer to nature. Complement the green drawing room paint with wooden furniture and dark brown décor to bring the richness and elegance of nature into the drawing room painting design.

4. Bring a Rustic Sense with a Brown Living Room Wall Colour Design

Use shades of brown colour to create regal and rustic wall paint design ideas for the living room. Create a sense of security and dependability in your living room by using an appropriate shade of brown such as Brown Bread. Highlight the brown home hall paint design by using white living room décor ideas such as a sofa, coffee table, curtains, and much more. Complement the home hall paint design with a white and grey textured rug to match the rustic feeling.

5. Bring Vitality to Your Living Room with Peach Wall Colour Design for Hall

You can create a spirit of playfulness in your living space by using peach wall paint design ideas for the living room. Use a peach wall colour design for the hall such as Peach Beach to create a refreshing and enlivening wall paint design for the drawing room. Match the peach drawing room painting design with light brown furniture to create a contrasting look. You can also complement the peach wall paint design for the drawing room by using white colour in the ceiling and rug selection.

6. Create an Ombré Effect

Bring a touch of artistic flair to your living room by creating an ombré effect with your paint design. This technique involves blending different shades of the same color from light to dark or vice versa. For example, start with a pale blue at the top of the wall and gradually transition to a deeper navy blue at the bottom. This creates a visually stunning and dynamic look.


 Blue living room with ombre effect - Asian Paints


7. Add a Touch of Warmth with Cream

If you prefer a softer and more inviting atmosphere, consider using cream colour as the main colour for the drawing room. Cream is a versatile and timeless choice that adds warmth without overpowering the space. Pair it with neutral furniture and accents for a cozy and classic feel.


Cream colour combination for living room - Asian Paints


8. Pick a Deep, Earthy Tone

For a more earthy and organic vibe, opt for a deep, earthy tone like olive green or terracotta. These rich colour for the drawing room bring a sense of grounding and nature. Complement them with natural textures and materials, such as wooden furniture and woven rugs, to enhance the overall theme.


Earthy green sitting room colour - Asian Paints


9. Pick a Deep Chocolate Brown for Enveloping Warmth

If you want to create a cozy and enveloping atmosphere, consider using a deep chocolate brown as your drawing room colour. This warm and inviting color instantly adds a sense of comfort and luxury. Pair it with plush furniture and soft lighting for a truly indulgent space.


Chocolate brown living room colour - Asian Paints


10. Go Back to Black with Your Living Room Paint Ideas

Black may seem like a bold colour for a drawing room, but it can actually create a sophisticated and dramatic look when used properly. Consider painting one accent wall in black to create a focal point in your living room. Balance it with lighter furniture and accessories to prevent the space from feeling too dark.


Black & white living room colour combination - Asian Paints


11. Keep it Cool with Tiffany Blue

If you want a refreshing and calming ambiance, consider using Tiffany blue as your drawing room colour. This soft and cool shade of blue adds a touch of elegance and tranquility to any space. Pair it with white or cream accents for a clean and soothing aesthetic.


Tiffany blue colour combination for living room - Asian Paints

FAQs on Living Room Paint Ideas


1. Which paint is best for drawing room walls?

Shades of green or blue can be the best colour for the drawing room due to their ability to create a soothing and peaceful atmosphere. You can also use pastel drawing room colour ideas to create a beautiful drawing room paint colour combination.


2. Which colour is best for the drawing room according to Vastu?

You can use drawing room colours such as shades of green, blue, yellow or white as per Vastu. Also, consider the direction of your drawing room to select the right drawing room paint colour combination. 


3. Which colour is best for the living area?

Selecting colours from a cool neutral palette can help you to design the right drawing room colour ideas. You can also select shades of colours such as green, blue, and yellow for drawing room paints.


4. Which light colour is best for the hall?

Peach is among the best light colours that are suitable for your living room walls. Peach can provide a refreshing effect to your living room by introducing a feeling of playfulness and vigor into your living room.

How can Asian Paints help you with choosing & applying the best drawing room colour combinations?

Asian Paints offers a convenient solution for selecting the perfect drawing room paints, drawing room paint colours, and drawing room colour ideas for your house. With our free online colour consultation service, you can easily make informed choices. Asian Paints provides access to skilled colour experts and innovative visualization technology, ensuring that you make the right colour decisions for your walls. This free online colour consultation service is a valuable tool for house painting, empowering you to experiment with colours and find the ideal palette for your drawing room. Don't hesitate to try this service now and transform your space with the power of colour.


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