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Upgrade Your Sleep Space with These Fresh Bedroom Design Trends


These updates for your bedroom interior design should help you get comfortable and stay in step with trends too.

Posters on the wall—or a spectacular mural; that discarded top hanging off the back of a chair—or folded and returned to its spot in the closet; a half-read book by the side table; or a pristine, empty surface with a pretty table lamp. Your bedroom is an accurate expression of what kind of person you are—quirky, a creator of controlled chaos, a strict disciplinarian or an utter sophisticate. Bedroom interior design can be the canvas to express your personality. And if you’re itching for a change in your room décor or planning to design a bedroom from scratch, then it’s only right that you layer your personality over bedroom design ideas that are trending this year. Stay updated with what’s current while ensuring your bedroom decor still becomes you

Bedroom Design Ideas - Asian Paints
Channeling the neutral earthiness of mother nature, this rustic space has been designed to be an oasis of calm.


Soft pastels are out and bright, bold and vibrant are so very in this year. Cobalt blue, ochre yellow and forest green are trending in bedroom wall paints. Instead of opting for an assorted colour scheme, this trend calls for sticking to a single shade throughout the bedroom—even when it comes to the colours of the pillows, vases, curtains and other assorted elements that make up your room décor. It’s a brave choice and if you’re not ready to commit to a colour, then start with just the wall paint and create a bedroom interior design that pops.

Bold & Bright Bedroom Design - Asian Paints
Representing growth and harmony, the colour emerald creates equilibrium between the heart and the space
Emerald hues transcend this room to radiance, warmth and dynamism, making it the perfect spot to begin and end each day.



Bedroom Interior Decoration - Asian Paints
What better way to cozy up a space than by introducing warm brown tones!


While we’re still on shades, go for the warm and the natural. Earthy tones like browns, greens and reds are finding place everywhere in bedroom interior decoration. Incorporate them in your upholstery, wallpaper, bedding, accents, curtains or other room décor components to give your bedroom a rustic vibe.




Adding faux plants or flowers in your bedroom is so last season. This year, it’s about creating a minuscule natural oasis right in your space. Get some air-purifying plants in decorative pots, place them on your shelves, bedside table or dressing table and see the room décor come alive. You can find a variety of designer planters if you have a penchant for buying home décor online. The added advantage of indoor plants is that they’re believed to reduce stress and promote better sleep.

Garden Indoors for Bedroom - Asian Paints
Splashes of potted plants energize with an aura of freshness and nourishment.



Japanese Bedroom Interiors - Asian Paints
At the centre of minimalism, this earthy and contemporary space is both comfortable and welcoming.


Nothing says minimalism and urbane functionality as well as the Japanese and Scandinavian design aesthetic and that’s what interior designers are leaning towards this year. No clutter, neutral colours, clean lines and elegant material selection are the calling cards of this style. Beechwood or dark oak wood are becoming go-to options for those interested in employing this in their homes—dark oak wood for bed frames or wooden wardrobes are quite the favourites.




A nature-sensitive perspective in interior decoration is trending in 2020 and this goes well beyond just those potted plants in your bedroom. It’s all about using sustainable materials for your designer bedroom furniture and adding recycled accessories to your room. A reclaimed-wood dressing table or side table, stools made out of recycled tires, upcycled rugs or blankets are some ways to go eco-friendly. While choosing your bedroom wall paint, use one that has low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and ditch the traditional bulbs for LED lights

Eco Friendly Bedroom Design - Asian Paints
Reclaimed and refurbished, sustainable furnishings nurture your home and the ecosystem.



Bedroom Design Ideas - Asian Paints
Rich hues of gold and yellow radiate from this Mercury glass table lamp making this space warm and fuzzy.


Gone are the days when the traditional and the contemporary were at opposing ends of the interior design spectrum. At least for this year, there’s a seamless merging of both schools of thought. So get onto the bandwagon and bring this trend into your bedroom by mixing and matching your old bedroom interior decoration with new designer bedroom furniture. Get creative and shake things up—mix a vintage-style wardrobe with a double bed with storage, or hang that old grandfather clock in your art deco-style bedroom for a bit of nostalgia.




A hard focus on design is getting a bit blurred around the edges in favour of comfort, warmth and practicality. Layer cushions, rugs and blankets to create your personal oasis in the bedroom. Consider incorporating soft fabrics with upholstered bedside tables or headboards, or add a plush carpet if the season permits. Create a cosy nook by opting for thick knits, comfortable cottons or rich velvets depending on the season. This trend is all about bringing an ultra-comfortable vibe into your bedroom décor.

Rustic Bedroom Design Trend - Asian Paints
A Zen cave, this cozy, rustic bedroom brings balance to your life.



Modern Bedroom Design Ideas - Asian Paints
Futuristic practicality that is characterized by space-saving and state-of-the-art design.


There is not a single aspect of our life that has remained untouched by technology, so how can sleep be far behind? With the introduction of gadgets like voice-activated light bulbs, TV beds and sunlight alarm clocks, this bedroom interior design trend is all about state-of-the-art practicality. So give your bedroom an upgrade with futuristic fans, mood lighting or smart beds to transform your sleep experience.




Alternatively, when you switch off, switch off entirely. This trend is about turning your bedroom into a no-technology zone. If you take it absolutely to heart, then reduce the number of electrical outlets in the bedroom, remove that TV set and invest in plush bedding and soft lighting. This move is to intentionally cut down your plugged-in time and truly relax. In this age of hyper-technology, this bedroom design trend is here to turn your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary. So cut out the world outside and recharge your soul.

Bedroom Design Trends - Asian Paints
A room of serendipidity that takes you back to little joys of everyday.



Bedroom Furniture Design - Asian Paints
Crafted to destress, this bedroom uses fuzzy upholstery to transform your house into a home.


With 2020 being the year of cosy spaces, layering takes on some significance. And that syncs in perfectly with people wishing to sink into comfort when they want to escape their high-stress lifestyle. Picturesque bedroom wallpapers, pretty draperies and statement textiles create that luxurious escape and are liberally used to dress up bedroom interiors. This trend calls for adding upholstery to every piece of bedroom furniture.


Arm yourself with what’s in this season, add in your unique, personal preferences and give your bedroom a trendy update. We’re sure you can’t wait to get started!


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