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From Minimalist to Boho: Trending Bedroom Decor Ideas


Functioning and functional bedrooms need not be mutually exclusive. As much as the bedroom is regarded as a space for rest and relaxation, it can be maximized to accommodate even more. Clever design & intelligent home decor can transform the simplest of bedrooms into multi-purpose spaces that look good, optimize dead space and power up versatility. For inspiration, look towards your living room and the way sofas can be converted into couches, or storage trunks doubled up into coffee tables. 

Multi-purpose bedrooms designs satisfy your need for additional space. This is especially true for small apartments and homes that suffer from lack of space needed to separate work and personal life. Designing the bedroom for multiple uses negates the need to extend or increase the size of your home, or look for a bigger one. For such bedroom spaces to work, however, flexibility and convertibility are key - without added effort. If you need inspiration in creating fluid bedrooms, here are few interior design ideas to give you a start.

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Fitting out your bedroom with multi-purpose furniture may be a no-brainer, but so many of us still lug around old heavy ones for years together.

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Re-thinking furniture choices begin with ensuring how much can be folded and put away, thereby creating more space. The work desk that sits away in the corner or the 4-poster bed which is otherwise used only during the nights and eats up precious real estate, all need a rethink. Change your home interior decor by adding a fold-away desk that disappears into the adjacent wall or a foldable bed with a desk integrated into it. 


Unlike folding furniture, dual purpose can be interchanged to fulfill any number of tasks. This is one of the most unexplored of room decor ideas.

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Take the corner desk, which can be used as a dressing table, work table or even child study table with just a change of materials and some additional storage. Or wall shelves which are perfect for dead corner spaces, creating an alcove or delineated nook from the main bedroom. Storage trunks can also be given additional work as bedside tables or window seaters, with secret under-seat storage nooks for storing winter clothes.

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Think of a bedroom from the perspective of a vertical space and not horizontal, and you’ll find many home decor ideas to fit into it. Walls are extremely valuable bedroom real estate, and we end up only using them as photo niches. Use your walls for all kinds of practical purposes; to hang desks, bicycles, sports rackets, and wall mirrors. The less space these occupy on the floor, the more you can fit in other things into your bedroom..

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Creative storage isn’t about just shelves and boxes, but also hooks and wall stands and floating shelves. You can seamlessly integrate such cabinetry systems into a foldable bed, to give a smooth wall-to-wall look when not in use. Colourful tote bags behind bedroom doors to gather soiled clothes, wall bins to collect used linen are other room decor ideas to give your floor some reprieve and make the walls work for you.


Dividers are versatile. When strategically placed in the bedroom, they instantly create demarcations in space. Need some privacy in your small bedroom? Add dividers. 

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You can use them to separate your home and office area, or even create a simple changing room. If you’re looking for something compact, opt for foldable dividers that can easily be stowed away when not in use. 

Multi-purpose bedrooms need some clever interior design interventions, but most importantly require that the homeowners move from a rigid design framework to a more fluid, flexible home decor sense. When this happens, the bedroom aesthetics and interior design sits comfortably with ambiance and overall


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5 Mediterranean Bedroom Interior Decor Design Ideas

06 AUG 2020

5 decor ideas to create a multipurpose bedroom

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