10 Things To Know Before Designing Your Home


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10 Things to Know Before Designing Your Home


Murals, geometric patterns, textured wall paint or striking art—how to get that accent wall in your bedroom to work for you and your space

Feature wall, statement wall, accent wall—it goes by different names but what everyone can unanimously agree on is that the highlight wall it’s a canny device to embellish your space when it comes to modern bedroom designs. It has the power to instantly transform the vibe and personality of any room, including the bedroom, adds a vibrant element to room décor and you don’t even need to break the bank to achieve something fun and distinctive to your bedroom.

Bright Bedroom Wall Design - Asian Paints
Attention-grabbing, this bright yellow powers through to add spunk and fun to the bedroom.

It can even be that canvas to your creativity (think a stunning shade of paint or a mural). So, exactly how does one go about creating an accent wall and making it the focal point of your room décor? Let your imagination kick into overdrive with some of these elegant, cool or quirky bedroom interior design ideas—whatever is more your speed!

Bedroom Design Colour Scheme - Asian Paints
Colour Scheme, Materials, Textures- Getting the basics right!


Before starting with room design, think about the purpose of each of the rooms, which one will be used by whom and the individual tastes of the occupants. This will help you choose the colour scheme, figure out the layout, think about the furniture, materials and décor that would work in the set-up.


After getting a rough idea about how you want your home design to be, ask yourself a few pertinent questions. If you’re in for a house makeover, that what is it that you want to change? Do you want to renovate the décor or the interior furniture?

 If you are designing from scratch, what interior style do you imagine for your house—a modern home design, contemporary, traditional or something completely different? Once you have a basic framework in place, it’s time to fill in the details; the internet will serve as a good guide to put in some research. Once that’s done, plan a budget. If you want personalised interior design services, include that cost as well.

Interior Design Services for Bedroom - Asian Paints
Research is everything, everything is research.
Interior Design Furniture - Asian Paints
Laying out well in advance, to make way for clear visualisation and flexibility..


Before getting started with the home décor, map the layout of the rooms and then finalise the interior furniture that fits. Visualise the placement and arrangement till you hit upon one that works best. You won’t want your room to look the same always, so do think about the possibility of change and leave some room for flexibility before you commit to the furniture and the arrangement.


You may have your eye on a great number of pieces that you absolutely must have, but curb that enthusiasm. Don’t overcrowd the space with all your favourites. You need to leave some breathing space to let the room feel airy, spacious—and, of course, leave some space free for any additions you plan to make in the future. Overcrowding leads to a sense of restlessness and clutter. And be sure to invest in space-saving furniture—a TV cabinet design that holds your books or a living room sofa with storage space is useful in the long run.

TV Cabinets Interior Designs - Asian Paints
With simple décor, this space truly imbibes the less is more philosophy, where the true joy is brought by the happy family within.
Bedroom Furniture Designs - Asian Paints
Size Matters! This room is the perfect symphony of chunk and minimalism.


Another thing to be wary of is the size of your furniture. Whatever you choose should not overwhelm the space and should fit perfectly in your layout. The sofa, bed and wardrobe will, by necessity, be large but balance that with other pieces that aren’t. That said, you can deliberately choose an oversized, statement-making piece—like a luxurious chair for your living room or a large painting.


Having a colour scheme and a unifying theme does wonders for your home décor, tying together all the components in a home interior—from the furniture and draperies to wall paint, tiles and even the hardware. Depending on the mood you’re aiming for, either complement or contrast the colours and patterns (remember not to go overboard!). Your living room or kitchen can have warm shades like yellows and reds while cooling blues and greens would suit your bedroom.

Bedroom Colour Scheme - Asian Paints
A metaphorical jigsaw puzzle, the earthy shades, clean wood panels and geometric designs of this kitchen fit right together.
Interior Decoration of Bedroom - Asian Paints
Uniformity and Harmony go a long way in building a home that can truly withstand the test of time.


While designing, it is common to get so caught up with the interior decoration of one room that you forget the other spaces. Resist that tendency. It is important that all your rooms should come together cohesively. Create a flow among the rooms and strive for a sense of harmony and uniformity. A stroll through your home will help you determine if they smoothly transition into each other.


You probably know this but here’s a reminder! When you begin work on the interior design, start from the ground up. Create a strong foundation by deciding on the pieces that are going to anchor the look and the layout. For example, let the sofa set be the starting point around which you build the rest of the furniture in the living room. Similarly, for the bedroom, choose the bed first and move forward from there. Remember to steer clear of only going behind fleeting interior design trends. Instead, opt for the classics—they’re timeless and always relevant.

Bedroom Interior Design Ideas - Asian Paints
An anchor to design plans, an element like this sofa envelopes the home in a sea of timelessness.
Bedroom Interior Lighting - Asian Paints
The right mood equals a productive you! Balanced lighting is the key essential to instantly lift your mood and fill you with joy.


Lighting can make or break the interior design of a room. Make sure your spaces get enough natural light and complement its flow with well-placed lamps (table or floor or both) and wall lights. Be sure you choose both task and ambient lights. If you have a good number of lamps in a room, you can play with the ambience—switch some on and leave the others off to get the mood you want. But take care not to let your room become too gloomy or too bright. Imagine your house at different times of the day to decide on the lighting.


Accessories are important in giving your home interior character and depth. Sticking to the classics here too would be a good idea. You can, of course, mix it up with trendy, of-the-moment pieces, but don’t make a big investment on décor elements that will last a year or two before fading to the background. Choose things that fit into the home interior; let your objects and accessories tell your story—of your tastes, travels or cherished memories. Think local crafts, mementos from trips, gifts from your loved ones or pieces that bring joy. Carefully chosen accents are the finishing touch that would make your home interior design complete. And don’t forget the plants! Prettily arranged and carefully chosen indoor plants go a long way in adding meaning to a space.

Bedroom Wall Design Ideas - Asian Paints
Accessories and accents beautifully curated to form a kaleidoscope of your travels and tales.

Most importantly, though, don’t lose yourself and give in to passing trends. Let your home design be a temple to your tastes, preferences and comforts.  Hang up that favourite artwork, find a throw in a well-loved shade or liberally use family photos for a ‘family’ wall. Your house design can only be truly yours when it speaks directly to your heart.




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