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Expert Tips for Selecting the Right Colour Combination for Your Home

Home is where the heart is; therefore, while selecting a color palette for one’s home it is necessary to consider a range of colors that give the space its own character. One way to go about this is to keep a common quality while curating each palette so they all connect to each other. But before picking a colour it is good to understand its personality and importance.

For instance, one can associate warm colors such as hues of red, orange, and yellow with warmth, comfort, and relaxation. They also exude vibrancy with their lively appearance. Meanwhile, cool colors are like water; calm and tranquil. Hues like blue, green, and purple come under this umbrella. Generally, cool colours become the background to warm colors. So, before putting all your efforts and resources into this venture, know which tints to pick from either side of the color wheel.  Let us pave the way for you by listing some of the best colour combinations for houses.



Any wall colour combination for home can have beautiful contrasts such as the eye-catching neon pink next to the chic grey. Using this wall colour combination for your living room will give your space a freshness that isn’t over the top. Consider using neon pink and grey with the addition of neutral colours like black and white around other parts of the house to keep the uniformity intact. While choosing soft furnishings, go with bright colours like cherry red against grey or light colours in front of pink backdrops. Such selections will enrich this colour combination for the home further. 





A colour trio warrants an extraordinary setting. When working with home colour schemes such as this one, keeping the balance is as important. Match three colours wherein one is warm, the next cool and the last is neutral to adjust tones and shades. An exciting choice of colours for sure, this wall colour combination is recommended for more common areas of the house, where the vibrant hues can be on full display. You can also use any two colours from this combination for other rooms throughout the house. As with any other house combination, black or white can be your supporting accents. All in all, the contemporary aesthetic of this interior colour combination will make you want to never leave the house.




When paired with the right interior wall colour combination, black makes for an incomparable shade for the house. The home interior colour scheme we suggest is the bold scarlet red paired with the sharp aesthetics of jet black. This is among the many home colour schemes that suit a bedroom and similar cozy areas of the house but you can choose to add these hues in slight blends around the house. A great idea to elevate this wall colour combination is to use it on one wall in the form of motif patterns or textures while keeping other walls white or ivory. This will make a part of the room interesting and give it more life.



Three interior design colour combinations are the maximum number of blends one should make excluding the neutrals to avoid clutter. A classic trio we suggest is grey-green, cream and mustard yellow. All of these are joyful colours that illuminate a space with positivity. Raise the bar further, and apply the 60-30-10 decorating rule i.e., keep 60% of the room in the dominant colour, and 30% in a secondary colour or texture while keeping the last 10%. This colour scheme is bound to create an inviting appeal when you get together with family, friends or visitors. Cream with mustard yellow will also be suitable to create a relaxing ambience for the bedroom while grey-green with white or cream go well for the kitchen.



Among many other interior paint colour combinations for hall walls, the royal blue and sandy brown make for the most unexpectedly stunning play-on hues. It envelops calm from the cool tones of blue while contrasting it with the darkness of brown. To complement the initial palette, use different shades of blue and brown or pair them with other colours to acquire a variety of colour schemes in rooms. One possible combination is to use blue and yellow for the kitchen cabinets while keeping the remaining space white or mixing shades of brown with pale brown and off-white in the bedroom. Switching it up as you like creates a unique interior wall colour combination.

Curating a colour combination for homes may be challenging, especially when the entire house comes into play; but once you’re familiar with the basics, we're sure you'll let your creativity flow through the many colours.

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