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5 Mediterranean Bedroom Interior Decor Design Ideas


Our bedroom is our personal sanctuary, a retreat from the rest of the world. It is the place to relax and unwind. A bedroom decoration should be a comfortable and inviting space and be attractive at the same time. Mediterranean style design is one of the more popular styles for doing the bedroom interior decoration. It is a style which is luxurious, yet laid-back.

When we think Mediterranean, we think beaches, azure sea, white colour decor and a relaxed comfort. But there’s more to Mediterranean decor than just this. Over time, this style has been influenced by regional European design elements. It has a rustic charm which is dominated by aqua and earthy colour schemes and interspersed with traditional, contemporary and modern design language.

The Mediterranean style interior decor is warm and inviting and that makes it the perfect theme for a bedroom interior design. The wide variety of options and combinations makes this one of the easier styles to pull off. Consequently, this is also one of the most popular styles of bedroom interior home decor designs. The ideas just flow and the possibilities are limitless.

Here we will take a close look at some simple, yet beautiful ways to create a bedroom of dreams with a lovely Mediterranean influence.


The Mediterranean style with a Spanish influence uses bold, bright bedroom colours  which showcase the region’s influence. They are brought forth in the wrought iron furniture, patterned tile floors and rich lively furnishings. Stucco walls are also a signature element of this style. The styling can be subtle as well as bold.

The bright coloured walls are well complimented by matching colourful textiles used in furnishings. Splashes of white in the mix bring out the colours, making them shine. Where Mediterranean drapes are usually white, experimenting with rich, bold colours is highly recommended as this style of decoration can carry it off quite well.

Spanish Style Bedroom Decoration - Asian Paints
Colours Used: Carrot Punch (8023); Costal View (7473)

Since the Spanish style uses more earthy tones, oranges, ochres and yellows can mix freely with the colour shades from the aqua family. This style may be a bit over the top and yet, if done properly, never looks too loud or gaudy. There’s a fine line between colourful and gaudy, and this style manages to stay on its right side.

With so many shades to choose from, a little expert help goes a long way in keeping things classy without going overboard with too much experimentation.


Where the Spanish Mediterranean style uses bold, bright colours, the Italian style is comparatively very subdued in the use of colours. Rich, bold colours are used only as accents in textiles and furnishings, while neutral earthy colours dominate. This style evokes a sense of old-world charm with its conservative use of colours.

Wooden flooring and exposed wooden ceiling beams are a couple of signature features of the Italian Mediterranean style of decor. The furniture is oversized and luxurious, reminiscent of the times when space wasn’t a constraint and the furniture was made to last for decades rather than just years. The wooden flooring, as well as the furniture, are stained dark to offset the domination of neutral colours.

House Interior Designs - Asian Paints
Pattern Used: Royale Play Textile. Colours Used: Moonlight (L121); Walnut Cream (8778); Vintage Walkut (8773)

Even the walls carry a texture. More often than not, it will either be Venetian plaster or a distressed stone finish. But it is certainly not restricted to that and newer textures can be experimented with. The drapes and furnishings use more of red and oranges to add little islands of colour in the sea of neutral colours.

An Italian Mediterranean decor brings a luxurious feel to the bedroom, which coupled with modern conveniences, is an eclectic mix of the best of two worlds.


The Greek style is probably the most well-known Mediterranean style of decor. The Greek style makes a liberal use of the deep blues, bright aquas and the crisp turquoises, the colours of the sea. In addition to the blue colours, this style also uses a lot of white in the mix. Usually, the walls are textured white plaster and even the floors are whitewashed.

Also, there are influences of Greek architecture in the Greek Mediterranean decor style which is manifested in the form of pillars and circular columns. Repeating patterns, which are a mainstay of the Greek architecture can also be used to line ceilings or can be used on the skirting around the floor.

Greek Style Bedroom Wall Design - Asian Paints
Colours Used: Mild Sea (9240); Sail Boat (7444)

The blues, turquoises and the whites can also be carried in the textiles used in the curtains and furnishings. The Greek influence can be further exerted in the form of Greek art and sculptures. E.g. a big elongated vase, which is the quintessential Greek pottery, can make a wonderful corner-piece in the bedroom.

The Greek style of Mediterranean decor can carry off bright colours because they are paired with just the right mix of white which somehow offsets and enhances the colours.


The contemporary style of Mediterranean decor offers more options with a wonderful blend of traditional and contemporary elements. This style offers itself to the mix-n-match with an aplomb that is difficult to pull off with some other styles. The blend can be as diverse as paring an ornate four-poster bed with some of the most ultra-modern lamps available.

There’s no doubt that the Mediterranean style is a luxurious affair. Mixing contemporary elements with the traditional gives it a different class altogether. This, along with the true Mediterranean textiles and furnishings serve to give character to the room which is seldom found elsewhere.

Master Bedroom Design Ideas - Asian Paints
Colours Used: Rustic Turquoise (7438); Sonnet (L146)

A mixture of different regional styles also qualifies as a contemporary twist to the traditional Mediterranean decor. A bedroom can have a Greek influence with the luxurious furnishings, the Italian influence with dark wooden flooring and furniture and Spanish influence with stucco walls.

All it takes is a bit of imagination or a bit of experienced help.


A blend of modern furniture, faux wooden beams and rustic decor elements create a unique decor idea which can be a diverse combination of the old and the new. The binding element that will tie these elements together is colour. A well-thought-out  bedroom colour combination will seamlessly tie all the decor elements together to create a harmony that flows smoothly across the room.

Wall Colours House Decoration - Asian Paints
Wallpaper Used: Mimosa

A suitable colour scheme can either be achieved with colours or wallpapers or even a combination of these two. The right combination will not only tie all the elements together, but it will also elevate the decor with a modern twist to the traditional.

The only objective to be kept in mind while doing modern Mediterranean decor is that the end result is a coherent and crisp decor which conveys the mood that it is meant to convey with crystal clarity.


There’s a reason Mediterranean decor is so popular among homeowners and that is the sheer number of options that are available. With so many different styles that can be applied to the broader concept, it is just a matter of choosing the right one which suits your style and sensibilities.


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19 JAN 2021

5 Mediterranean Bedroom Interior Decor Design Ideas