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Create a Stunning Living Room with These Two Colour Combination Ideas


The place for families to watch a movie together, lounge, catch-up and more, the living room is a multipurpose space in the house for you, your family or guests.A shared space like this needs all the right elements in it but before anything else; it needs the right colour combinations. However, it is not necessary to stick to a single hue, you can try a two colour combination for living room. Afterall, there are so many beautiful colours in the world. This will not only give you more room to choose but will also make for a fun family project.

Speaking of fun projects, here are five two colour combinations for living room walls to get you started on this creative project.


The easiest of all options is choosing a colour and mixing it with white to create a pastel. Pair this newly acquired tint with white and you have a light two colour combination for living room.

Cute & simple two colour combination for living room - Asian Paints

 Our recommendation for a two wall colour combination for living room is pastel green and white. Both colours being on the lighter side will definitely brighten the room to give it a livelier atmosphere. A pro tip is to add pieces and elements made of wood as the dark brown colour of wood effortlessly matches the white or pastels.




A contrasting pair of colours is often misjudged at first thought. However, striking the perfect colour balance is the purpose of this type of two colour combination for living room walls. 

Cute & simple two colour combination for living room - Asian Paints

A contrast you can take is the dark navy blue colour with sunshine yellow. As both dual tones stand out for being different than the other, it emphasises their importance individually. Keep up with current times and go for this modern two colour combination for living room without any second thoughts. This type of two colour combination for living room is sure to add a fresh vibe and upbeat appearance. If you're looking to enhance the overall look and feel of your living space, consider incorporating a living room interior design that complements the dark navy blue and sunshine yellow color scheme.




Being the first impression of your house, the living room deserves something creative. Picking fresh orange with cream as your two colour combination for living room walls is a great choice. But the trick here is to practice the 1+3 colour theory that focuses on the position of paints.

Amazing two tone color schemes for living rooms- Asian Paints

To follow it, paint cream on three out of four walls and give a fresh orange to the remaining wall to accentuate that space. You can even try accentuating a side of the room by painting the ceiling and another wall in one prominent shade while colouring the others in the remaining colour. Alternatively, taking the conventional route would also give you equally eye-catching results.



Make a flawless choice, choose the beautiful soft beige and pair it with a splash of red velvet for your wall two colour combination for living room.

Bright & fun two tone color schemes for living rooms- Asian Paints


This duo can add an elegance to your space. Add in more creativity to this modern two colour combination for living room by going all out with wallpapers and textures. It will define the dual tone, look remarkable and also add another element of originality to the already appealing living room.


Simple yet glorious pairs like ivory and magenta are trendy duets. A two colour wall combination for living room like this pair has an almost old-world charm to it. Offset this combo with wholesome accessories and decor in the form of family portraits, collectibles and other soft furnishings of your choice. Smartly choosing both, the two colour combination and suitable elements for it will further enhance your space and give it a personal touch. To give your living room a cohesive and stylish look, consider experimenting with different living room wall colour combinations and pairing them with complementary decor items such as throw pillows, curtains, and rugs.

Sleek two tone color schemes for living rooms- Asian Paints

We are close to the end of this list. Reading above ideas and combos on two colour combination for living room must have opened many artistic doors of your mind. Now, you're ready to either choose a dual colour suggested by us or make a modern two colour combination for living room of your choice. We are sure you'll get great selections and an even better final outcome. Time to pick up your brushes and paint some outstanding strokes. You have all our luck!

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