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The bathroom is an intimate space in the house that needs to be functional since it is used regularly to maintain overall hygiene. Gone are the days when a bathroom design used to be bland and monotonous compared to the design of the entire house. In urban houses, the bathroom spaces are designed to have an aesthetic appeal along with the functionality to provide a fulfilling experience every time you visit the bathroom.

Using the right bathroom tiles colour combination can uplift the look and feel of your bathroom space by adding an element of zest to it. A well-chosen bathroom design can uplift the look and feel of your bathroom, making it a more inviting and enjoyable space. Selecting colourful bathroom tiles can enhance the bathroom wall space while also highlighting the bathroom décor and paint used in the bathroom design. You can select an appropriate bathroom tile colour to create a desirable theme and mood for your bathroom that can complement the design of the entire house.

Here’s a look at some of the best colour tiles for the bathroom that you can select to create a serene and personalised bathroom space.

Highlight Your Bathroom with Green Bathroom Tile Colour

Incorporating green in bathroom tiles colour design can help to highlight your shower area from the rest of the bathroom. Green bathroom tiles colour design paired with white bathroom walls can provide the perfect complementary colour combination for bathroom to make it stand out. You can use mosaic tiles with different shades of green as the bathroom tiles colour combination for a captivating bathroom space design.

Bathroom Tile Colour Ideas with Pastel Shades

Pastel colour tiles are one of the best colour tiles for bathrooms with limited space and low access to natural light. Using peach colour in bathroom tiles colour design can give a contemporary and soothing look to your bathroom while making it look open and bright. Use the bathroom tiles colour combination of peach and off-white porcelain tiles to give an enthralling look to your bathroom.

Pastel bathroom tiles colour combination - Asian Paints


Neutral Bathroom Tiles Colour Combination

Implementing a neutral palette of bathroom tile colour ideas can give a sleek and minimalistic look to your bathroom space. Selection of a beige bathroom tile colour along with cream bathroom floor tiles colour can give an elegant feel to your bathroom while maintaining a simple colour palette. You can select from different neutral bathroom tile colour ideas such as beige, cream, pale blue, white, and much more to give a simplistic yet empowering design to your bathroom.


A Soothing Bathroom Tiles Colour Combination

Create a wave of relaxation in your bathroom by using an appropriate palette of cool colours to breathe in serenity in your bathroom. Create a wave of relaxation by using an appropriate palette of cool colours for bathroom. The bathroom tiles colour design with the inclusion of grey, white, and blue can create a soothing effect in your bathroom atmosphere. . You can choose the above selections for toilet tiles colour to create a beautiful accent wall for your toilet.

Grey, blue & white bathroom tiles colour combination - Asian Paints


Bathroom Tile Colour Ideas for Comfort

A bathroom space should create a sense of comfort and reliability with its design and choosing the best tile colour for the bathroom can help in creating the desired theme. Choose limestone tiles to design your bathroom with a soft colour such as a lighter shade of beige to create the required comfort. You can combine the limestone tiles with a darker shade of grey as one of the best tile colour for the bathroom.


Colourful Bathroom Tiles for Creating Luxury and Splendour

Create an essence of luxury and opulence in your bathroom with the use of a purple and white colour combination. Use a darker shade of purple through porcelain tiles to design your bathroom with a combination of white colour walls and ceiling. You can use mosaic tiles for brown bathroom floor tiles colour and beige toilet tiles colour for creating a splendid bathroom space.

Purple & white bathroom tiles colour combination - Asian Paints




1) Which colour is best for bathroom tiles?

Colours such as lighter shades of blue, earthy greens, beige, and neutral tones are popular for bathroom tiles. These bathroom tiles colour ideas can be used to create a modern-looking bathroom as per the ongoing trend.

2) How do you mix and match bathroom tiles?

While choosing the right combination of bathroom tiles, have the right type of design and theme in your mind that you want to create in your bathroom. Keep the bathroom tiles design options between 2-3 colours to create the right balance of theme and design in your bathroom.

3) Which tiles are the best for a bathroom?

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are the most popular options when it comes to choosing the right types of tiles for your bathroom. The porcelain and ceramic tiles can help to create numerous designs as per your mood and theme in your bathroom while also being easy to maintain over time.

How can Asian Paints help you with choosing bathroom tiles colour combination?

Use the Asian Paints ColourPro service to choose the best designer tiles for your bathroom space. Asian Paints provides custom-made designer tiles to suit your needs with a colour palette of 2200 shades. Choose a unique vibrant colour for your tiles with multiple finish options such as matte, semi-gloss, sugar, etc. to match all your requirements.


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